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NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
Mr. Jun DuVice President and Chief Finance Officer------51male04/28/2021
Mr. Fei HuangExecutive Director, Vice President, Board Secretary and Joint Company Secretary682.00K----43male04/28/2021
Mr. Qiang JinExecutive Director and Vice President1.11M----56male04/28/2021
Mr. Jin WenminExecutive Director and Vice President1.02M----56male04/28/2021
Mr. Xiangyu HuangExecutive Director and Vice President754.00K----53male04/28/2021
Mr. Wu HaijunExecutive Chairman of the Board1.20M----59male04/28/2021
Mr. Zemin GuanVice-Chairman of the Board and President805.00K----57male04/28/2021
Mr. Kun PengNon-Executive Director------55male04/28/2021
Mr. Zhenglin XieNon-Executive Director------56male04/28/2021
Ms. Yuanqin LiIndependent Director150.00K----48female04/28/2021
Mr. Song GaoIndependent Director75.00K----51male04/28/2021
Mr. Jun YangIndependent Director75.00K----64male04/28/2021
Mr. Haifeng ChenIndependent Director75.00K----47male04/28/2021
Mr. Song TangIndependent Director75.00K----41male04/28/2021
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Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co Ltd is a Chinese petrochemical company. The company's operating segment includes Synthetic fibers; Resins and plastics; Intermediate petrochemicals; Petroleum products; Trading of petrochemical products and Others. It generates maximum revenue from the Petroleum products segment. The petroleum products segment is equipped with crude oil refinery facilities used to produce qualified refined gasoline, fuel, diesel oil, heavy oil and liquefied petroleum gas, and provide raw materials for the group's downstream petrochemical processing facilities.
Country: China