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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
JAMF Jamf Holding
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Total revenue
33.38% 108.26M 35.98% 366.39M 35.82% 103.8M 35.82% 95.62M
Operating revenue
33.38% 108.26M 35.98% 366.39M 35.82% 103.8M 35.82% 95.62M
Cost of revenue
63.58% 28.23M 48.64% 90.36M 61.56% 27.29M 73.7% 26.47M
Gross profit
25.22% 80.03M 32.29% 276.03M 28.52% 76.51M 25.35% 69.15M
Operating expense
55.6% 103.77M 57.84% 352.23M 43.71% 102.59M 78.29% 99.03M
Selling and administrative expenses
58.32% 71.94M 64.96% 244.4M 41.23% 71.47M 78.61% 66.39M
-Selling and marketing expense
57.93% 46.33M 53.96% 148.19M 46% 44.55M 75.72% 40.86M
-General and administrative expense
59.03% 25.61M 85.35% 96.21M 33.98% 26.92M 83.44% 25.54M
Research and development costs
58.72% 24.8M 57.43% 82.54M 59.11% 24.1M 101.07% 25.61M
Depreciation amortization depletion
24.92% 7.03M 12.04% 25.29M 24.58% 7.02M 24.71% 7.03M
-Depreciation and amortization
24.92% 7.03M 12.04% 25.29M 24.58% 7.02M 24.71% 7.03M
Operating profit
-754.46% -23.74M -425.6% -76.2M -119.99% -26.08M -7845.21% -29.87M
Net non-operating interest income expense
-1461.82% -859K 76.93% -2.48M -1218.18% -870K -14.83% -1.39M
Non-operating interest expense
1461.82% 859K -76.93% 2.48M 1218.18% 870K 14.83% 1.39M
Other net income (expense)
-356.73% -781K 77.79% -1.3M 78.49% -54K 86.62% -718K
Gain on sale of security
-356.73% -781K -17.59% -849K 78.49% -54K -74.68% -269K
Special income (charges)
-- -- 91.39% -449K -- 0 91.39% -449K
-Less:Other special charges
-- -- -91.39% 449K -- -- -91.39% 449K
Income before tax
-744.77% -25.38M -157.3% -79.98M -121.85% -27M -360.12% -31.98M
Income tax
287.69% 252K 42.38% -4.79M -1.47% -3.25M 14.11% -1.6M
Net income
-735.09% -25.63M -230.2% -75.19M -164.92% -23.75M -496.56% -30.38M
Net income continuous Operations
-735.09% -25.63M -230.2% -75.19M -164.92% -23.75M -496.56% -30.38M
Minority interest income
Net income attributable to the parent company
-735.09% -25.63M -230.2% -75.19M -164.92% -23.75M -496.56% -30.38M
Preferred stock dividends
Other preferred stock dividends
Net income attributable to common stockholders
-735.09% -25.63M -230.2% -75.19M -164.92% -23.75M -496.56% -30.38M
Basic earnings per share
-600% -0.21 -204.76% -0.64 -150% -0.2 -550% -0.26
Diluted earnings per share
-600% -0.21 -204.76% -0.64 -150% -0.2 -550% -0.26
Dividend per share
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion with Explanation----

FY: Financial Year Annual Report, which is equivalent to the 10-K file disclosed by the listed company to the SEC.

Q: Quarterly report, which is equivalent to the 10-Q file disclosed by the listed company to the SEC, where Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 are single quarterly reports with a span of 3 months; Q6 and Q9 are cumulative quarterly reports, and Q6 is 6 months , Q9 is 9 months.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Jamf Holding Corp. offers a cloud software platform for Apple infrastructure and security platform worldwide. Its products include Jamf Pro, an Apple ecosystem management software solution for IT environments; Jamf Now, a pay-as-you-go Apple device management software solution for small-to-medium-sized businesses; Jamf School, a software solution for educators; Jamf Data Policy, a solution to enforce acceptable usage policies to eliminate shadow IT and block risky content and manage data consumption with real-time analytics and granular reporting; and Jamf Connect that streamlines Mac authentication and identity management; and Jamf Private Access, a ZTNA solution that replaces legacy conditional access and VPN technology. The company also offers Jamf Protect, which provides protection of Mac-targeted malware and creates customized telemetry and detections that give enterprise security teams visibility into their Macs; Jamf Threat Defense, a solution to protect workers from malicious attackers; and Jamf Nation, an online community of IT and security professionals focusing on Apple in the enterprise. It sells its SaaS solutions through a subscription model, direct sales force, and online, as well as indirectly through channel partners, including Apple. The company was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
CEO: Hager, Dean J.
Market: NASDAQ
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