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G41 G K Goh
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Business Unit:SGD
nameYOYOperating income%
Corporate services (discontinued operation)--123.9M471.50%
Investment holding--19.8M75.34%
Aged care services--6.48M24.66%
Adjustments and elimination---123.9M-471.50%
Region Unit:SGD
nameYOYOperating income%
Company Overview More
GK Goh Holdings Ltd is an investment company owning operating businesses as well as a diverse portfolio of investments. Its investments include directly-held listed equities, unlisted equities, third-party managed funds, as well as a small number of non-controlling minority stakes. The group's investments have included aged care in Australia, optic fibre networks in Europe, early-stage science-based start-ups in the United Kingdom, and real estate and tourism assets in Japan. The Group is organised into business units based on its products and services and has three reportable operating segments; investment holding, corporate services and aged care services.
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