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B58 Banyan Tree
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Business Unit:SGD
nameYOYOperating income%
Property sales--122.79M55.50%
Hotel Investments--59.49M26.89%
Fee-based segment--38.95M17.61%
Region Unit:SGD
nameYOYOperating income%
Rest of the world--102.68M46.41%
South East Asia--68.38M30.91%
Indian Oceania--37.3M16.86%
North East Asia--10.76M4.86%
Middle East--1.64M0.74%
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Company Overview More
Banyan Tree Holdings Ltd is a multi-branded hospitality group with a portfolio of hotels, resorts, spas, galleries, golf, and residences centered on five brands (Banyan Tree, Angsana, Cassia, Dhawa, and Laguna). The company operates in two segments: The Property sales segment comprises hotel residences, Laguna property sales, and development project/site sales; and the Fee-based segment comprises the management of hotels & resorts, management of the club, spas, private equity funds, sales of merchandise, the provision of architectural & design services, and Other services. Its geographical segments are Singapore, South East Asia, Indian Oceania, Middle East, North-East Asia, and the Rest of the world.
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