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    ATI's leaders have underscored strong future prospects, stemming from an emphasis on aerospace and defense. The CEO believes the company is primed for expansion, shareholder value increase and capability enhancement.
    ATI's strong EPS growth and high insider ownership imply a robust business strategy and harmony between leadership and shareholders. The fast EPS growth may signal a major turning point, indicating a potential investment opportunity.
    ATI's demonstrated growth in ROCE indicates increased company efficiencies. Investor recognition of the company's positive trends may be contributing to the strong stock performance. Further research into the company is suggested to establish if these trends are probable to persist.
    $ATI Inc(ATI.US)$ Allegheny Technologies Incorporated es una empresa de metales especializados con sede en Six PPG Place en Pittsburgh, Pensilvania.
    key indicator for MORE uptrend $22.39
    confirmation uptrend - $22.58
    mini breakout - $22.93
    full breakout - $23.49
    SEMI PARABOLIC - $23.83
    stop loss — $20.30
    & support - $18.89. $ATI Inc(ATI.US)$

    Was replying to friends and came across this chart after checking out a like notification. $ATI

    You guys might want to check out #Allegheny Technologies Inc.. At first I was looking to see if it could possibly dip back down to the $11.00 area. But hell, this stock reversed well below that even. Half of that @6.00.
    $ATI Inc(ATI.US)$
    The MAIN REASON for this post and taking an extra look at $ATI Inc(ATI.US)$ On the weekly chart you will see a recent drop in price action. But if you check the RSI it has been slightly improving. When these 2 indicators differ (price action down while RSI improves) can be a bullish signal.
    $ATI Inc(ATI.US)$
    Now, just watch the price action to see what your personal opinion is. Are people buying in expecting a bullish run after a reversal OR are there a ton of wash trades being made to resemble a positive reaction? The latter scenario ultimately results in dropping the hammer on bullish thinkers? What does the community think about this? comment below my friends...
    $ATI Inc(ATI.US)$
    Also momentum seems to slightly be improving. Imho, the money flow indicator recently bottomed out and headed back up. In balance volume has steadily improved and is holding current levels.
    On the negative, buying is sporadic currently with lots of red candles even tho price is improving. (I believe that this tactic is used so retail investors won't notice a stock improving until after smart money acquires their positions. I think that's where we are or just where.
    If this stock drops back to $11.00 area it would be a steal. I'm fairly confident the stock won't decrease to this level in a normal bearish run but instead by snap buying/setting a limit order and getting a lucky flash fill at this level. If this scenario would play out this way and you fill your limit order, I believe that would be a strong position to hold at those levels ✌️
    (How I would play this) budget= 100.00
    I would use 1/4 - 25.00 for my entry into position. Set limit order 11-12 area. Think of it like an insurance policy. Should it get filled, it would lead to an excellent position. If not, green is good with original position. This time last year I believe it dropped to under $7.00. I would use the remaining 1/4 = 25.00 for a limit order there as well, although unlikely to be filled. Another insurance policy.
    Was replying to friends and came across this chart after checking out a like notification. $ATI
    Was replying to friends and came across this chart after checking out a like notification. $ATI

    Analysts have #ATI negatively rated recently BUT... that's not what I see this week! Guess we'll see

    $ATI Inc(ATI.US)$ was positively rated for a long time while price consolidated in a channel for a minute. Now that ATI has been ripping back up the chart, all of a sudden it's a sell. Well, I have found many separate arguments that suggest the opposite. I'll keep this one short as I'm sure you'll want to do your own DD anyway. Let me know what you see? Do I have it all wrong? (Not invested yet but considering a position) that's why i want your opinion. I think it's a buy buy only around this price area... ...
    Analysts have #ATI negatively rated recently BUT... that's not what I see this week! Guess we'll see

    My plays for the day

    was going to buy this and 2 others this morning.$Liberty TripAdvisor-A(LTRPA.US)$ , also is probably my favorite. can't count out $ATI Inc(ATI.US)$ . I'm watching a few others closely $Boxlight(BOXL.US)$  and $IGC Pharma(IGC.US)$ as I feel like they have great upside so see what you think friends
    P.S. I tagged the majority of you guys not to follow my trades but to simply have us all on the same page again! For the first time in a long time everyone will be in the same place
    My plays for the day

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