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688509 Zhengyuan Geomatics Group

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Zhengyuan Geographic Information Group Co., Ltd. is a second-class large-scale state-owned geographic information enterprise controlled and managed by the State Administration of Metallurgical Geology of China. It is an early high-tech enterprise in China to carry out the research, development and application of surveying and mapping geographic information technology. Zhengyuan Dixin, founded in March 1999, has long been committed to the development and utilization of spatial geographic information and the investment, construction, operation and service of digital cities and smart cities. It has formed core businesses such as basic geographic information application, underground space informatization, municipal facilities security and smart city, and has the core competitiveness of basic geographic information system integration and application services, above-ground and underground full-space intelligent city construction and operation services. The company's main business includes surveying and mapping geographic information technical services, underground pipe network security operation and maintenance technical services, and smart city construction and operation services, the essence of its business is geographic information data acquisition, analysis and processing and spatial information big data comprehensive application.
CEO: Yukun Yang
Market: --
Listing Date: 07/30/2021
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