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601933 Yonghui Superstores
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
张轩松Chairman,Executive director--08/06/2009--51male12/23/2021
班哲明·凯瑟克(Benjamin William Keswick)Director--12/20/2018Master50male12/23/2021
李松峰Director,CEO,Chief technology officer3.96M01/20/2021Bachelor45male12/23/2021
麦殷(Ian James Winward McLeod)Director--11/21/2017Doctor63male12/23/2021
刘琨Independent director--12/22/2021Doctor41male12/23/2021
李绪红Independent director--12/22/2021Doctor52female12/23/2021
孙宝文Independent director116.70K05/20/2021Doctor58male12/23/2021
吴乐峰Secretary of the board--07/06/2021Master49male12/23/2021
黄晓枫Securities Affairs Representative--05/11/2020Master31female12/23/2021
熊厚富Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor780.00K05/18/2011Bachelor53male12/23/2021
罗雯霞VP,Director of National Development2.77M03/11/2011Bachelor49female12/23/2021
黄明月Person in charge of finance1.23M12/22/2021Master45female12/23/2021
陈金云Director of Audit Department--11/21/2013Bachelor--male12/23/2021
吴丽杰Employee supervisor360.00K12/22/2021--34male12/23/2021
张建珍Employee supervisor720.00K02/26/2014--48female12/23/2021
Company Overview More
The company is a joint stock limited company established by Fujian Yonghui Group Co., Ltd. on August 13, 2009. the shares of the Company are listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange A shares on December 15, 2010 (stock code: 601933). The company's unified social credit code: 91350000727900106T, the existing registered capital is 9.570462108 billion yuan, the registered address is 436 West second Ring Road, Fuzhou, and the legal representative is Zhang Xuansong. The company's main business and main products are mainly online + offline mode to face the TOC end of public consumption, operating fresh products and food products, with "cost-effective" recognized by the majority of consumers. The company's main products are operating fresh products and food supplies. Corporate Honor: No. 76 of BrandZ2018's Top 100 Chinese Brands, No. 6 of China's Top 100 chains in 2017, Top 4 of China's FMCG chains, and No. 100 of China's Top 500 Private Enterprises. At present, Yonghui supermarket has developed more than a thousand supermarket chains throughout the country, covering 29 provinces and 585 cities, with an operating area of more than 8 million square meters.
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Listing Date: 12/15/2010
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