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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
601857 Petrochina
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Operating Cash Flow
Goods sale service render cash
38.47% 831.18B 17.42% 2,575.91B 37.7% 2,185.78B 31.84% 1,392.19B
Cash received relating to other operating activities
1836.02% 32.95B 761.87% 132.52B -30.03% 5.01B -61.02% 1.88B
Cash inflows from operating activities
43.56% 864.13B 22.6% 2,708.43B 37.4% 2,190.79B 31.42% 1,394.07B
Goods services cash paid
22.45% 592.88B 21.76% 1,722.63B 45.55% 1,593.82B 38.67% 1,028.68B
Staff behalf paid
-1.57% 31.75B 2.6% 154.38B 5.81% 99.94B 5.61% 63.8B
All taxes paid
49.25% 107.32B 15.07% 310.42B 12.98% 248.69B 2.84% 166.67B
Cash paid relating to other operating activities
210.26% 47.77B 223.29% 179.53B -0.16% 21.6B 8.28% 18.88B
Cash outflows from operating activities
29.14% 779.71B 25.2% 2,366.96B 37.23% 1,964.04B 30.18% 1,278.03B
Net cash flows from operating activities
4790.28% 84.43B 7.19% 341.47B 38.85% 226.75B 46.73% 116.03B
Investing cash flow
Cash received from disposal of investments
82.51% 10.41B 927.94% 37.35B 7269.2% 20.34B 5719.81% 12.34B
Cash received from returns on investments
164.96% 2.12B 106.7% 15.11B 273.66% 13.83B 328.93% 10.01B
Net cash received from disposal of fix assets、 intangible assets 、other long-term asset
-75.26% 141M 197.87% 3.78B 1047.81% 2.88B 687.77% 1.1B
Net cash received from disposal of subsidiaries and other business units
-- -- -61.27% 32.06B -- 33.46B -- 33.46B
Cash inflows from investing activities
79.11% 12.67B -7.04% 88.29B 1567.6% 70.51B 2019.86% 56.9B
Cash paid to acquire fixed assets intangible assets and other long-term assets
39.89% 51.89B 3.44% 265.56B 1.75% 169.95B 2.26% 111.72B
Cash paid to acquire investments
-56.98% 5.55B 76.7% 35.76B 102.32% 29.62B 375.48% 19.98B
Cash outflows from investing activities
14.91% 57.44B 8.79% 301.32B 9.85% 199.57B 16.08% 131.7B
Net cash flows from investing activities
-4.32% -44.77B -17.06% -213.03B 27.27% -129.06B 32.47% -74.8B
Financing cash flow
Cash received from capital contributions
-- 44M 9.79% 673M -97.2% 4M -97.2% 4M
-Including: Cash received from capital contributions by minority shareholders of subsidiaries
-- 44M 9.79% 673M -97.2% 4M -97.2% 4M
Cash from borrowing
2.97% 243.71B -18.13% 810.09B -26.06% 614.82B -25.38% 430B
Cash inflows from financing activities
2.99% 243.75B -18.11% 810.77B -26.07% 614.83B -25.4% 430.01B
Borrowing repayment
27.54% 241.54B -17.81% 836.43B -21.81% 605.68B -19.53% 415.06B
Dividend interest payment
-35.41% 4.33B 17.2% 69.2B 5.42% 43.49B -28.65% 13.53B
-Including:Cash payments for dividends or profit to minority shareholders
-27.58% 512M 15.73% 16.51B 6.6% 15.11B -51.36% 3.78B
Cash payments relating to other financing activities
13.38% 3.43B 1.89% 13.04B -22.07% 8.55B -14.37% 5.97B
Special items of financing  cash outflows
-- -- 1280% 69M -- -- -- --
Cash outflows from financing activities
25.2% 249.31B -15.67% 918.74B -20.45% 657.72B -19.79% 434.56B
Net cash flows from financing activities
-114.8% -5.56B -8.62% -107.97B -993.05% -42.89B -113.15% -4.55B
Net cash flow
Exchange rate change effecting cash and cash equivalents
-213.79% -363M 53.53% -2.31B 45.6% -841M -192.15% -915M
Net increase in cash and cash equivalents
593.77% 33.74B -43.65% 18.16B 595.58% 53.95B 810.93% 35.76B
Add:Begin period cash and cash equivalents
15.31% 136.79B 37.29% 118.63B 37.29% 118.63B 37.29% 118.63B
End period cash equivalent
52.53% 170.53B 15.31% 136.79B 128.51% 172.58B 70.91% 154.39B
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
CAS (2007)CAS (2007)CAS (2007)CAS (2007)
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified opinion----
--PricewaterhouseCoopers Zhongtian Accounting firm (Special General Partnership)----

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
The company is the largest oil and gas producer and distributor in China's oil and gas industry, one of the largest companies with sales revenue in China, and one of the largest oil companies in the world. The principal businesses include: (I) exploration, development, transportation, production and sale of crude oil and natural gas; (ii) refining of crude oil and petroleum products, production and sale of basic and derivative chemicals and other chemical products; (iii) sales and trading of refined and non-oil products; and (iv) transportation and sale of natural gas. Main products: refining of crude oil and petroleum products; production and sale of basic and derivative chemical products and other chemical products; sales and trading of refining products; transportation of natural gas, crude oil and oil products and sales of natural gas. Corporate Honor: Asian Outstanding Achievement Award, Best Environmental responsible Enterprise, Best Investor Relations Enterprise, etc.
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