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600389 Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
张利军Independent director120.00K01/16/2020Master46male01/17/2020
周献慧Independent director--05/10/2021Bachelor67female05/11/2021
宋金华Secretary of the board,Deputy GM,Person in charge of finance--02/01/2008Master55male04/19/2022
黄燕Securities Affairs Representative--02/01/2008Bachelor46female01/19/2020
黄亮Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor--09/07/2022Master41male09/08/2022
王旭Deputy GM--01/23/2017Master53male01/19/2020
孟长春Deputy GM--12/18/2018--48male01/19/2020
石进Deputy GM--12/18/2018Master54male01/19/2020
庞长国Deputy GM--12/18/2018--58male01/19/2020
王利Deputy General Manager--08/22/2020Master44male08/25/2020
杜辉Chief Research and Development Officer--12/18/2018Master56male01/19/2020
徐森林Chief economist420.00K01/29/2005Master59male08/24/2021
吉伟Employee supervisor--03/31/2022--37male04/01/2022
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The company is located in the north of Sutong Yangtze River Highway Bridge and is one of the national key pesticide enterprises with a long history. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2001. Stock code: 600389, stock abbreviation: Jiangshan shares. The company is located in Nantong Economic and technological Development Zone, covering an area of more than 1700 mu. Taking the pesticide industry as the main line, the company has complete industrial facilities such as power plant, Yangtze River wharf, chlor-alkali chemical industry, pesticides, new materials and their intermediates, and three wastes treatment. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of pesticide products based on herbicides and pesticides, chemical products based on special chemicals, chemical intermediates, chlor-alkali and new materials, as well as cogeneration steam. The main products include: glyphosate, dichlorvos, trichlorfon, butachlor and other pesticide products and chemical products such as caustic soda, phosphorus trichloride, diglyphosate, chloromethane, flame retardant and cogeneration steam. Enterprise honors are national contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprises, national quality management advanced enterprises, national "May 1 Labor Certificate", national comprehensive utilization advanced enterprises and so on.
CEO: --
Market: --
Listing Date: 01/10/2001
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