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600028 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
马永生Chairman,Non-Executive Director715.30K02/25/2016Doctor61male11/30/2021
李永林Executive director,Senior Vice President--05/25/2021Doctor55male05/26/2021
凌逸群Executive director,Senior Vice President--05/11/2012Doctor60male05/26/2021
喻宝才Executive director,President441.80K10/23/2018Master57male11/30/2021
赵东Non-Executive Director--05/25/2021Doctor52male05/26/2021
刘宏斌Executive director,Senior Vice President--03/25/2020Bachelor59male05/26/2021
吴嘉宁Independent non-executive director416.70K05/15/2018Master62male05/26/2021
史丹Independent non-executive director300.00K05/25/2021Doctor60female08/24/2021
蔡洪滨Independent non-executive director416.70K05/15/2018Doctor55male05/26/2021
毕明建Independent non-executive director300.00K05/25/2021Master67male05/26/2021
黄文生Secretary of the board,VP1.41M05/11/2012Bachelor55male05/26/2021
张征Securities Affairs Representative--01/13/2020----male05/26/2021
张少峰Chairman of the Supervisory Board,External supervisor--05/25/2021Master51male05/26/2021
章治国External supervisor--05/25/2021Master59male05/26/2021
陈革Senior Vice President1.59M10/30/2018Master59male05/26/2021
寿东华Financial director1.29M01/13/2020Master52female05/26/2021
陈尧焕Employee supervisor1.17M01/11/2021Master58male05/26/2021
尹兆林Employee supervisor--05/18/2022Master56male05/20/2022
郭洪金Employee supervisor403.20K05/18/2022Doctor56male05/20/2022
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The company (hereinafter referred to as "China Petroleum & Chemical") is a joint-stock enterprise with upstream, middle and downstream integration, outstanding petroleum and petrochemical industry, relatively complete sales network and listed at home and abroad. China Petroleum & Chemical is a joint-stock enterprise established by China Petroleum & Chemical Group Co., Ltd. on February 25th, 2000 in accordance with the Company Law of the people's Republic of China. China Petroleum & Chemical's 16.78 billion H shares were successfully listed on the Hong Kong, New York and London exchanges on October 18 and 19, 2000, and 2.8 billion A shares were successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 8, 2001. At present, the total share capital of China Petroleum & Chemical is nearly 121.1 billion shares, including 95.6 billion A shares and 25.5 billion H shares. China Petroleum & Chemical is mainly engaged in oil and gas exploration and exploitation, pipeline transportation and sales; production, sales, storage and transportation of petroleum refining and other chemical products; import and export of petroleum and other chemical products and other commodities and technologies; research, development and application of technology and information. The company's products include intermediate petrochemical products, synthetic resins, synthetic fiber monomers and polymers, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber and chemical fertilizers. Corporate Honor: won the "Capital Market 30th Anniversary Outstanding listed Company Award" special award, won the best corporate governance listed company award and so on.
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