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Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
301073 SSAW Hotels & Resorts Group
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
施晨宁Director,Secretary of the board,Deputy General Manager\VP--08/28/2015Master48male09/08/2021
甘圣宏Director,Deputy General Manager\VP--08/28/2015Master53male09/08/2021
张勇Director,Financial director\Chief Accountant\CFO--08/28/2015Bachelor46male09/08/2021
俞婷婷Independent director56.10K03/17/2021Bachelor40female09/08/2021
谢建民Independent director71.40K05/10/2017College66male09/08/2021
张红英Independent director71.40K05/10/2017Master56female09/08/2021
周芷意Securities Affairs Representative--04/25/2022Bachelor23female04/26/2022
赵可Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor,General Manager of Investment and Development Center278.40K08/28/2015Bachelor47male09/08/2021
许玥Supervisor,Director of Marketing321.00K08/28/2015College44male09/08/2021
张戈泉Deputy General Manager\VP354.60K08/28/2018College55male09/08/2021
陈天伟Employee supervisor--04/25/2022Bachelor38male04/26/2022
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The company is a middle-and high-end selected hotel brand in China. In 2007, founder Wu Qiyuan established Junting hotel brand with the brand-new "BAS" selected service model in the industry. After 10 years of experience and brand innovation, Junting has always adhered to the business philosophy of "product quality first, guest experience first, and changing according to customer needs", with the strategic vision of becoming the "leader of China's middle and high-end selected hotel brands". Continue to push Junting's unique Oriental Culture and China's delicate and passionate service to the world. The company's main business includes limited service types of mid-and high-end hotel operation and hotel management business. Hotel operation business, also known as direct hotel operation, refers to the business of direct operation of investment hotels through hotel operation subsidiaries, including hotel accommodation, catering and other supporting services. The hotel management business is mainly for the hotel entrusted management service, that is, the company accepts the entrustment of the hotel owner to provide standard and characteristic hotel management services to the entrusted management hotel. Corporate honors: the Golden Dragon Award of the most valuable investment hotel management company in 2014, the World Hotel five continents Diamond Award of the most valuable development brand hotel group in 2014, the Golden pillow Award of the most commercial value mid-range The Business Inn brand in 2014, etc.
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Listing Date: 09/30/2021
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