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301060 Shanghai Labway Clinical Laboratory
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
靖慧娟Director--01/01/2018Secondary school51female12/21/2021
毛志森Director,Deputy GM208.40K12/17/2021Master62male12/21/2021
刘保海Independent director80.00K01/01/2018Master67male12/21/2021
王蕾Independent director3.20K12/17/2021Master40female12/21/2021
孙红梅Independent director80.00K01/01/2018Doctor55female12/21/2021
高文俊Secretary of the board1.34M01/01/2018Master39male12/21/2021
杨晶晶Securities Affairs Representative--12/17/2021Master33female12/21/2021
刘国权Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor--01/01/2018Bachelor37male12/21/2021
王锡谷Financial director--07/22/2022Master52male07/25/2022
朱剑Employee supervisor477.40K07/22/2022Bachelor51male07/25/2022
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The company is a high-tech enterprise that provides comprehensive health management solutions relying on medical laboratory and pathological diagnosis services. Through the business model of providing third-party medical diagnostic services and selling in vitro diagnostic products, the company enables medical technology laboratories such as hospital laboratory, pathology department and central laboratory to help them reduce operating costs and operational risks. improve the quality and technical level of medical services. At present, the company's business covers more than ten provinces and cities, and there are more than ten regional medical laboratory and pathological diagnosis centers, forming a brand, large-scale and standardized laboratory network. The company is an integrated service provider providing overall solutions for the inspection and diagnosis industry, providing third-party medical testing and pathological diagnosis services to medical institutions at all levels, selling in vitro diagnostic products of well-known brands at home and abroad and other professional technical support, in order to meet the differentiated needs of medical institutions at all levels. Medical laboratory and pathological diagnosis services, sales of in vitro diagnosis products, medical diagnosis services, etc. Corporate honors: top 100 Shanghai service enterprises in 2019, top 100 private service enterprises in Shanghai, civilized units in Shanghai, etc.
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Listing Date: 09/13/2021
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