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300542 Brilliance Technology
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
余克俭Director,Financial director383.70K02/17/2015Master57female06/30/2020
钟晓林Independent director120.00K06/29/2020Doctor57male06/30/2020
李晓枫Independent director--06/29/2017Doctor66male06/30/2020
关新红Independent director120.00K06/29/2020Doctor55female06/30/2020
张大新Secretary of the board,Deputy GM423.70K06/29/2014Master55female06/30/2020
黄朴Securities Affairs Representative--06/21/2021Master37male06/22/2021
邹琳Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor316.90K06/29/2017Master42female06/30/2020
徐玉婷General Manager of Audit Department--08/25/2021Bachelor34female08/27/2021
纪昕Employee supervisor207.70K02/10/2017College37male06/30/2020
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The company, formerly known as Beijing Xinchen computer Technology Co., Ltd., was established by the approval Certificate of the people's Republic of China for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao overseas Chinese Investment Enterprises (Foreign Economic and Trade Beijing (1997) No. 0429) issued by the Beijing Municipal people's Government on January 24, 1998. On March 26th, with the approval of document No. 23 of Beijing political system Reform letter [2001] of the Economic system Reform Office of the Beijing Municipal people's Government, Beijing Xinchen computer Technology Co., Ltd. was changed into a joint stock limited company on September 20, 2016. and listed on the growth Enterprise Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on September 20, 2016. The company now holds a business license with a unified social credit code of 91110108000694820. The company's main business is ICT services overall solutions, computer system integration, ICT technical services, ICT system equipment and software agent sales. The company's main products: exchange platform, channel integration cloud platform and electronic channel products, trade financing settlement system, collaborative cloud platform, transaction bank, blockchain BaaS platform, precious metal trading and other products. Corporate Honor: morning Exchange platform; High-tech Enterprise Identification Certificate; Beijing Enterprise Technology Center, etc.
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