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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
300451 B-Soft Co.,Ltd.
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Total operating revenue
15.11% 462.99M 16.3% 1.9B 8.2% 1.21B 9.7% 778.01M
Operating revenue
15.11% 462.99M 16.3% 1.9B 8.2% 1.21B 9.7% 778.01M
Total operating cost
8.3% 343.65M 12.91% 1.42B 4.62% 946.14M 6.52% 620.4M
Operating cost
13.67% 198.48M 19.42% 869.34M 1.24% 558.64M 2.53% 356.1M
Operating tax surcharges
18.22% 4.84M 20.72% 19.08M 16.83% 10.57M 13.44% 7.14M
Operating expense
-15.36% 33.09M -6.91% 152.98M -0.79% 109.77M 15.79% 79.56M
Administration expense
1.7% 59.67M 7.41% 187.45M 14.01% 144.77M 14.87% 98.35M
Financial expense
57.55% -1.28M -644.84% -19.6M -345021.18% -13.76M -398.87% -8.12M
-Interest expense (Financial expense)
47.99% 1.15M -76.52% 1.45M -84.16% 782.93K -84.93% 774.72K
-Interest Income (Financial expense)
33.5% 5.16M 136.32% 21.36M 191.96% 14.85M 264.29% 9.14M
Research and development
11.41% 48.85M 18.7% 210.37M 28.55% 136.15M 21.73% 87.38M
Other net revenue
-209.24% -18.68M -1480.55% -27.08M 66.52% -6.76M 149.18% 7.58M
Fair value change income
-103.78% -74.98K -148.81% -381.9K -- 1.83M -- 1.83M
Invest income
-293.53% -8.52M 161.97% 30.54M 609.7% 30.04M 366.34% 25.22M
-Including: Investment income associates
37.2% 1.43M 95.57% 7.27M 171.29% 8.6M -16.97% 3.86M
Asset deal income
-- 490.99K 2192.24% 946.92K 8143.72% 2.09M -- 2.09M
Other revenue
-10.93% 11.19M -14.62% 37.53M -2.61% 25.93M 19.91% 19.78M
Operating profit
-1.32% 100.66M 19.79% 452.27M 32.79% 256.6M 48.33% 165.19M
Add:Non operating Income
67.61% 3.44M 135.03% 309.04K -19.68% 29.22K 925.3% 21.09K
Less:Non operating expense
-85.44% 22.82K -42.48% 659.06K -42.27% 420.39K -51.23% 214.56K
Total profit
0.17% 104.07M 20.02% 451.92M 33.06% 256.21M 48.74% 165M
Less:Income tax cost
0.2% 12.26M -6.26% 37.77M 21.25% 24.87M 38.98% 21.03M
Net profit
0.17% 91.81M 23.17% 414.15M 34.47% 231.35M 50.28% 143.96M
Net profit from continuing operation
0.17% 91.81M 23.17% 414.15M 34.47% 231.35M 50.28% 143.96M
Less:Minority Profit
-133.71% -436.12K -71.56% 1.11M -70.89% 1.32M -54.29% 1.45M
Net profit of parent company owners
2.08% 92.25M 24.28% 413.04M 37.33% 230.02M 53.87% 142.51M
Earning per share
Basic earning per share
0% 0.06 17.39% 0.27 25% 0.15 50% 0.09
Diluted earning per share
0% 0.06 22.73% 0.27 25% 0.15 50% 0.09
Other composite income
Total composite income
0.17% 91.81M 23.17% 414.15M 34.47% 231.35M 50.28% 143.96M
Total composite income of parent company owners
2.08% 92.25M 24.28% 413.04M 37.33% 230.02M 53.87% 142.51M
Total composite income of minority owners
-133.71% -436.12K -71.56% 1.11M -70.89% 1.32M -54.29% 1.45M
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
CAS (2007)CAS (2007)CAS (2007)CAS (2007)
Audit Opinions
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--Tianjian Accounting firm (Special General Partnership)----

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
The company (stock code SZ.300451) was founded in 1997. In the course of more than 20 years of development, we have always adhered to the vision of "creating intelligent medical and health services" and focused on information services and innovation in the medical and health field. At present, the company has eight series of more than 300 independent R & D products, a service network in more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, nearly 7000 users, and public health projects in more than 370 districts and counties across the country. provide a working platform for 300000 grass-roots doctors and accumulate more than 250 million resident health files. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the enterprise purpose of "creating intelligent medical care and health service", focusing on the construction, research and development and service innovation of medical and health informatization, the company has always adhered to market-oriented, customer demand as the starting point, continue to deepen and expand the medical and health information industry market. The company constructs a horizontal business development business model through the development strategy of "one body and two wings". The products cover various service scenarios such as medical care, health care, health care, pension and so on. Products and services can be divided into "one body and two wings" and health insurance business department, four major product service sectors. Important products: Huikangyun HIS overall solution, medical image big data intelligent analysis platform, big data business intelligence analysis platform, multidisciplinary telemedicine platform. The honors include the key software enterprises in the national planning and layout, the backbone enterprises of the Torch Plan software industry base, the standardized good practice certificate, the credit rating for six consecutive years, the top ten enterprises in Zhejiang Province, etc.
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