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300252 Kingsignal Technology
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
黄昌华Chairman,Director,Chief engineer--03/18/2010Master54male08/30/2021
赵登平Independent director--11/14/2017Master71male08/30/2021
王诚Independent director--08/26/2021Doctor67male08/30/2021
黄文锋Independent director--12/13/2019Doctor57male08/30/2021
伍婧娉Secretary of the board,Deputy GM--08/21/2015Master40female08/30/2021
吴骅Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor--05/06/2013Bachelor63male08/30/2021
王成立Deputy GM--02/12/2020--53male08/30/2021
马春龙Deputy GM--08/26/2021Bachelor40male08/30/2021
桂宏兵Deputy GM--01/16/2020Bachelor43male08/30/2021
辛艳蕊Manager of Audit Department,Employee supervisor--07/26/2012College41female08/30/2021
王志明Technical director--08/17/2011Bachelor51male08/30/2021
刘春华Acting treasurer101.50K10/28/2021----female10/28/2021
Company Overview More
Approved by the Securities Regulatory Commission of China Securities Regulatory Commission [2011] No. 1130, the company was changed and established on the basis of Shenzhen Jinxinuo Cable Technology Development Co., Ltd. on March 24, 2011, the company went through the formalities of industrial and commercial change registration in Shenzhen Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, and obtained the "Enterprise legal person Business license". After the combination of the three certificates, the unified social credit code is 91440300736281327C "Enterprise legal person Business license". Cigna specializes in the research, development, production and sales of a full range of signal interconnection products based on "deep coverage" and "reliable connection". There are mainly three categories of product business: cable / connector / component category, PCB category and system / terminal category. The company's main products include: deep coverage products, small base stations and CPE, phased array satellite terminals, portable intelligent terminals, etc., providing 4G/5G communication networking solutions for overseas operators and industry private networks, micro-base stations + satellite return integrated solutions and so on. The company is the core RF device director unit of China Antenna system Industry Alliance, the core medium and high frequency device director unit of China 5G Industry Alliance, the director unit of Guangdong Province and Jiangxi 5G Industry Federation, and a national high-tech enterprise.
CEO: --
Market: --
Listing Date: 08/18/2011
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