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Societe Generale IoT Services Group Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company established in Cayman. The history of Societe Generale IoT Service Group Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (collectively the “Group” or “Societe Generale IoT”) dates back to 1999. Societe Generale IoT has the qualification of a national-level property management enterprise. It is a member unit of the China Property Association, the executive governing unit of the Henan Property Association, and the executive governing unit of the Zhengzhou Property Association. It has continuously won the top 100 property service enterprises in China and the leading property service brand in central China. Since its establishment, Societe Generale IoT has followed the “people-oriented” market operation principle and continuously introduced international advanced goods management concepts and service experience. It has now built a high-quality team that is professional, innovative, diligent and dedicated, driven by science and technology to provide high-quality property management services. Currently, the property management service area is 2.45 million square meters. The service area is expected to exceed 3 million square meters in 2020. Societe Generale IoT is based in Zhengzhou, has a nationwide layout, and focuses on the future. In order to respond positively to the Party's call and move closer to the party organization, Societe Generale IoT specially established the Henan Industrial IoT Party Branch of the Communist Party of China. Currently, Societe Generale IoT has built the “Huiyan Technology Center”, an IoT technology platform centered on the intelligent management and construction of the Internet of Things. Under the historic opportunity of deep industrial transformation, Societe Generale IoT will continue to innovate service models and implement the efficient integration of intelligent technology with traditional properties. The smart property service unique to Societe Generale IoT was launched, standardized management was introduced into an intelligent information processing platform, with stability, efficiency and convenience as management goals, focusing on owners' and customer experiences, and striving to achieve new transcendence and “wisdom” to create new customer experiences. The Group unswervingly implements a brand strategy based on building product quality and service quality, improving quality without regard to cost. A quality-first culture has been formed in the Group, where high standards are strict, and every employee must have a sense of awe of quality; in the Group, we have formed a working atmosphere where everyone pursues high quality, everyone builds high quality, and everyone serves high quality. At the same time, the Group requires that all cooperative teams also pursue high quality teams, and that all cooperative team members work on the Group's projects also pursue quality like employees of the Group. We must make our quality meet customer satisfaction, social recognition, and word of mouth.

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