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08601 Boldtech
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Per Share IndicaTor
Operating Cash Flow Per Share
-- -- -34.80% 0.009 -- -- 17.90% 0.027
Cash Flow Per Share
-- -- -48.65% 0.0059 -- -- -304.38% -0.0363
Operating Income Per Share
29.00% 0.1456 28.03% 0.0985 16.91% 0.0462 16.09% 0.1624
Net Asset Per Share
-- -- 15.06% 0.2307 -- -- 13.38% 0.2142
Basic Earning Per Share
6.55% 0.0179 42.61% 0.0164 57.38% 0.0096 -15.67% 0.0253
Diluted  Earning Per Share
6.55% 0.0179 42.61% 0.0164 57.38% 0.0096 -15.67% 0.0253
Gross Profit Ratio
-21.21% 28.612% -1.81% 36.410% 2.42% 38.682% -14.61% 34.981%
Operating Profit Ratio
-20.15% 14.180% 9.67% 19.802% 32.83% 24.197% -25.88% 18.403%
Net Profit Ratio
-17.39% 12.316% 11.28% 16.655% 35.20% 20.818% -27.34% 15.574%
Earning Before Tax Ratio
-20.49% 14.119% 9.31% 19.738% 32.87% 24.132% -25.78% 18.340%
-- -- 24.70% 7.379% -- -- -27.22% 12.545%
-- -- 21.36% 6.619% -- -- -27.69% 11.239%
Yield Quality
Operating Profit To Total Profits
0.43% 100.432% 0.33% 100.328% -0.03% 100.269% -0.14% 100.344%
Tax To Total Profits
-20.42% 12.771% -8.71% 15.616% -9.77% 13.732% 13.78% 15.084%
Operating Cash To Total Revenue
-- -- -49.07% 9.149% -- -- 1.56% 16.638%
Capital Structure
Debt Assets Ratio
-- -- 29.46% 8.868% -- -- 33.47% 11.768%
Equity Multipler
-- -- 2.21% 1.0973 -- -- 3.34% 1.1334
Debt Equity Ratio
-- -- 32.33% 9.731% -- -- 37.94% 13.337%
Current Assets To tatal Assets
-- -- -0.83% 96.289% -- -- -0.94% 95.568%
Non Current Assets To Total Assets
-- -- 27.70% 3.711% -- -- 25.76% 4.432%
Current Liabilities To tatal Liabilities
-- -- -0.16% 93.969% -- -- -7.50% 90.380%
Non Current Liabilities To Total Liabilities
-- -- 2.49% 6.031% -- -- 319.71% 9.620%
Current Ratio
-- -- -23.28% 11.5543 -- -- -19.77% 8.9857
Operating Profit To Current Liabilities
-- -- -7.64% 0.9252 -- -- -40.53% 1.1572
Operrating Cash Flow To Current Liabilities
-- -- -57.11% 0.4275 -- -- -18.51% 1.0462
Share Equity Without Minority Interest To Total Liabilities
-- -- -24.43% 10.276 -- -- -27.50% 7.4979
Operating Cash Flow To Total Liabilities
-- -- -57.17% 0.4017 -- -- -24.62% 0.9455
Operating Profit To Total Liabilities
-- -- -7.78% 0.8694 -- -- -44.99% 1.0459
Operating Capacity
Current Assets Turnover(T)
-- -- 10.03% 0.4143 -- -- -0.75% 0.7518
Fixed Assets Turnover(T)
-- -- -14.76% 9.7791 -- -- 5.85% 18.1187
Total Assets Turnover(T)
-- -- 9.06% 0.3974 -- -- -0.48% 0.7217
Growth Ability
Operating Revenue GR 3Y
48.59% 53.907% -- 50.879% -24.99% 38.972% 57.50% 46.922%
Gross Income GR 3Y
-103.24% -0.490% -- 21.957% -42.19% 19.465% -33.49% 19.643%
Operating Profit GR 3Y
-100.35% -2.428% -- 29.196% -80.98% 49.482% 5,775.23% 2248.527%
-100.90% -6.712% -- 23.363% -82.66% 42.759% 3,966.21% 1402.270%
Net Profit GR 3Y
-100.06% -0.202% -- 27.733% -87.69% 49.466% 3,711.17% 1506.954%
Net Profit Attributable To The Parent Company GR 3Y
-100.06% -0.202% -- 27.733% -87.69% 49.466% 3,711.17% 1506.954%
Total Assets GR 3Y
-- -- -- 48.931% -- -- -77.64% 65.531%
Share Equity Without Minority Interest GR 3Y
-- -- -- 52.558% -- -- -90.41% 54.724%
Equity GR 3Y
-- -- -- 52.558% -- -- -90.41% 54.724%
Total Liabilities GR 3Y
-- -- -- 19.689% -- -- 1,069.35% 247.560%
Basic Earning Per Share GR 3Y
-100.19% -0.556% -- 27.132% -- 50.000% -- 1250.000%
Net Assets Per Share GR 3Y
-- -- -- 52.558% -- -- -- 54.724%
Other Indicators
Currency Unit

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Contemporary Real Estate (China) Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company", "Contemporary Real Estate" and together with its subsidiaries collectively referred to as the "Group") was established in Beijing in 2000 and was listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the "Stock Exchange") on 12 July 2013 and has first-tier real estate development qualifications in the people's Republic of China ("PRC"). The company has been awarded the top 100 real estate enterprises in China for six years in a row. The company always adheres to the development concept of "healthy building, green home city to beauty", adheres to the development philosophy of "natural simplicity, harmony and health; simple focus, endless life", and revolves around the theme of "Love my Home Action". For customers to create sincere, true taste of life experience, for the company's shareholders ("shareholders") to create good economic benefits, for the whole society to create good social benefits. The company is devoted to the "full-life industrial home of green technology, comfort and energy saving and digital interconnection". We have successfully created a brand of operation trademark of China's green technology industry-MOM A, whose full name in English is TheMuseumofModernArchitecture, which means "new building of science, technology and art". MOM A consists of four words and graphics: "M", "O", "M" and "A". The two "M" represent our home, the "O" represents the origin of the universe, and the "A" represents the person, the left half of which symbolizes architecture, and the right half symbolizes life. The company always adheres to the core competitiveness of green technology. The company takes the leading way of green technology, the way of industrial home operation in the whole life cycle, the way of gravity acceleration, the way of digital process and operation, and the way of Lujian pension industry operation as the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and constantly develops and uses green technology. A special R & D and design institute has been set up to independently develop scientific and technological building systems such as "ground source heat pump technology system, ceiling radiation cooling and heating system, peripheral structure heat preservation system, high-performance external window system, full replacement fresh air system, sound insulation and noise reduction system". Make MOM A products have good characteristics. Under the condition of creating a high degree of comfort (maintaining the temperature of all indoor rooms at about 20 ℃-26 ℃ throughout the year and humidity at about 30% ISO7730 70%, which is in line with the most comfortable environment defined in ISO7730), its energy consumption is only 1/3 of that required for ordinary Chinese housing to achieve the same comfort, and it is expected that the continued use of these technologies will save a lot of energy consumption and use costs for residents and create a good ecological environment for the society. The company forcefully creates standardized product strength. After nearly 20 years of project practice, contemporary real estate has gradually found product types that adapt to different customer groups, and formed a replicable product model, which is divided into four standardized product lines corresponding to different customer groups. They are: the contemporary MOM A product line of the top green technology, the contemporary MOM A product line of the high-end green technology, the contemporary MOM A product line of the quality green technology, and the MOM A product line of the contemporary city developed by the complex function green technology market in the whole life cycle. The company establishes and improves the development model of standardized product line, distinguishes the development speed and economic indicators of residential products based on product positioning, and forms three types of standardized product line: first, projects that create both cash flow and profits; second, projects that create cash flow; and third, projects that create profits. Up to now, the company has successfully developed more than 100 high-quality green technology products, focusing on five major urban agglomerations in China, namely, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei urban agglomeration, Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, Pearl River Delta urban agglomeration, middle reaches of the Yangtze River urban agglomeration and Chengdu-Chongqing urban agglomeration. foreign countries focus on North America. The company continues to shape the influence of authoritative brands In 2019, the company's green technology products continue to upgrade. In 2019, the company formally assembled "Dinosaur 3" which integrates "assembly + net zero energy consumption + healthy building system" and won the ACTIVEHOUSE Science and Technology Innovation Award awarded by the International active Housing Federation. Contemporary West Mountain Shangpin Bay MOM A collection of century-old housing, residential performance evaluation, green residential area three arrows at the same time; contemporary Tongzhou Wanguocheng MOM A won the WELL building standard TM platinum pre-certification; Foshan contemporary Wanguo MOM A won the WELL building standard TM gold certification and won the first batch of healthy building demonstration base Beijing contemporary MOM A was awarded the World Society of High-rise buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) "TenYearAward" / "50 most influential high-rise buildings in the world in 50 years", which is the only one in the country. The company won the first place in the "model of green real estate operation in China" for the fourth time. In 2019, the influence of the company's industry brand continues to expand. According to the ranking of China Real Estate Association, the company ranks among the top 2019 Chinese real estate development enterprises, the top 10 operating efficiency of Chinese real estate development enterprises in 2019, and the top 100 comprehensive strength of Chinese real estate listed companies in 2019. According to the ranking of China Index Research Institute, the company ranks 61st in "2019 Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises", "2019 Top 100 Chinese Real Estate Enterprises financing ability TOP10", "2019 Chinese characteristics Real Estate Operation Outstanding Enterprise Green Technology Real Estate" and other honors. In 2019, the focus on corporate social responsibility increased. The company was awarded the "China Integrity Construction AAA Co-Construction Unit". In addition to the MOM A building products that focus on green technology, contemporary real estate is more willing to work with industry partners and institutions to promote the green cause. Since 2015, it has joined hands with the Human Settlements Committee of China Real Estate Association to promote the landing of the national project bureau and industry standards for green residential areas. Contemporary home ownership has become the enterprise with the largest number of green residential areas. In 2019, the contemporary city of Fuzhou MOM A, Shaanxi Contemporary Jiabao Park Yue MOM A, Beijing Contemporary Xishan Shangpingwan MOM A, Shishou Contemporary Xianyang House MOM A, Huzhou Contemporary Shangpingwan MOM Λ, Zhangjiakou contemporary Huzhou Shangpingli MOM A, Xiaogan contemporary Jiaguang Li MOM A, Heze contemporary city MOM Λ won the "Green Residential area" certification. The company first focused on the exploration of green and healthy buildings, 20 years of expertise in green technology real estate, the establishment of differentiated core competitiveness. Continue to advance and upgrade from original green to dark green and all-green; engaged in the R & D and practice of green buildings, healthy buildings, active buildings, century-old houses, passive houses, green residential areas, net zero energy consumption buildings and capacity buildings. The projects developed by the company in various places are required to meet the domestic green building standards, and they have won many awards in terms of green technology awards: the contemporary MOM A project has won the largest international green building award-the LEED-ND certification issued by the American Green Association, which is also the first residential product in the country to receive this award. The company has won the highest green construction certification award-green building Samsung operation logo four times, and also includes the first green building Samsung operation logo in the country. Contemporary home ownership insists on "healthy building?" Green home? The principle of "city to beauty" is to maximize zero emission, zero carbon and zero pollution, reduce the heat island effect, improve the comfort of buildings, meet the coordination of energy, comfort and environment, and contribute to the better development and human settlements of the city.
CEO: Qunda Zhang
Market: GEM
Listing Date: 09/13/2018
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