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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
08493 Dragon King Group
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-67.57% 56.77M -67.65% 35.9M -72.64% 13.45M 14.36% 224.19M
Operating income
-67.57% 56.77M -67.65% 35.9M -72.64% 13.45M 14.36% 224.19M
Cost of sales
69.38% -18.12M 68.67% -11.34M 70.58% -4.83M -18.19% -72.17M
Operating expenses
69.38% -18.12M 68.67% -11.34M 70.58% -4.83M -18.19% -72.17M
Gross profit
-66.64% 38.66M -67.15% 24.56M -73.67% 8.62M 12.63% 152.03M
Profit from asset sales
-- 12.63M -- 12.63M -- 12.63M -- --
Employee expense
58.50% -29.71M 58.19% -19.17M 62.22% -8.52M -4.19% -91.21M
Depreciation and amortization
51.03% -9.95M 97.22% -398K 97.33% -199K 37.86% -29.71M
Impairment and provision
-- -- -- -9.35M -- -750K 12.79% -25.24M
-Impairment of property, machinery and equipment
-- -- -- -- -- -- 73.11% -2.66M
-Other impairment is provision
-- -- -- -9.35M -- -750K -18.53% -22.58M
Special items of operating profit
57.31% -17.23M 55.67% -9.51M 37.60% -4.16M -32.71% -52.78M
Operating profit
65.82% -5.6M 81.93% -1.24M 292.56% 7.61M 32.09% -46.92M
Financing cost
16.42% -2.44M 2.85% -1.87M -19.15% -1.26M 31.36% -3.8M
Earning before tax
58.35% -8.05M 64.58% -3.11M 226.90% 6.36M 32.04% -50.71M
-- -- -- -- -- -- 62.41% -53K
After-tax profit from continuing operations
58.35% -8.05M 64.58% -3.11M 226.90% 6.36M 32.09% -50.77M
Earning after tax
58.35% -8.05M 64.58% -3.11M 226.90% 6.36M 32.09% -50.77M
Profit attributable to shareholders
58.35% -8.05M 64.58% -3.11M 226.90% 6.36M 32.09% -50.77M
Basic earnings per share
-134.75% -0.0466 74.90% -0.018 205.75% 0.0368 37.57% -0.324
Diluted earnings per share
-134.75% -0.0466 74.90% -0.018 205.75% 0.0368 37.57% -0.324
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
------Qualified opinion
------Unitai Pak Chun (Hong Kong) Accountants Limited

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
The Group is a full-service Cantonese Restaurant Group operating under four brands. Our restaurant focuses on providing customers with quality food and service and a comfortable dining environment. Over the years, our restaurants have spread all over Hong Kong and extended to Shanghai and Macau. At the same time, we continue to develop diversified businesses and revenue sources of multiple brands with different dining experiences and target customers. We have won a number of awards and certifications, including the inclusion of the Kwun Tong branch in the Michelin Guide-Hong Kong and Macau in 2016 and 2017. we are also the winner of a number of awards for "the greatest appreciation of Food" organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. The directors are of the view that brand awareness, together with quality dishes and services, is the key to the Group's operational success. The Group's restaurants operate under four private brands, namely "Dragon Emperor", "Dragon Seal", "Emperor Seal" and "Dragon Banquet". As at the latest practicable date, the Group operated nine full-service Cantonese restaurants, including (I) five "Dragon Emperor" brand restaurants, one "Dragon Seal" brand restaurant and one "Dragon Banquet" brand restaurant in Hong Kong; (ii) a "Emperor" brand restaurant in Shanghai; and (iii) a "Dragon Emperor" brand restaurant in Macau. All of our restaurants are strategically located in high-quality commercial, residential or shopping complexes. We plan to open more restaurants in prime locations with continuous and stable potential passenger flow and well-developed transportation network in Hong Kong.
CEO: Taiju Shen
Market: GEM
Listing Date: 01/16/2018
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