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NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
张锋Compliance Officer,Remuneration committee member,Chairman of the nomination committee,Executive director,Authorized representative,Chairman of the board,Inspector100.00K06/25/2011Master50male04/15/2022
黄剑波Joint company secretary,Secretary of the board,Executive director,Person in charge of finance,Authorized representative,Deputy GM640.00K04/24/2020Bachelor45male04/15/2022
张翼飞Non-Executive Director75.00K03/01/2021Master49male04/15/2022
于琳Members of the audit committee,Non-Executive Director100.00K02/01/2005Bachelor65female04/15/2022
沈大凯Non-Executive Director100.00K06/25/2020Master57male04/15/2022
易永发Member of the remuneration committee,Chairman of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director,Nominating committee member212.00K08/21/2005Bachelor64male04/15/2022
潘嘉阳Nominating committee member,Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the remuneration committee,Members of the audit committee106.00K08/21/2005Master55male04/15/2022
章剑舟Nominating committee member,Independent non-executive director100.00K01/21/2016Master52male04/15/2022
熊楚熊Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Independent supervisor--05/06/2008Doctor67male04/15/2022
曹阳Staff representatives and supervisors--05/18/2018Bachelor31female04/15/2022
冯慧森Joint company secretary--06/01/2020--39female04/15/2022
金锐Non-Executive Director--05/13/2022Master38male05/16/2022
张晓宇Secretary of the board--11/01/2004Bachelor46female03/01/2022
Company Overview More
Enterprise mission Adhering to the concept of "healthy achievements in the future", Hai Wang Interlon takes modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical preparation technology as the innovation platform to develop cytokine protein therapeutic drugs and preventive biological products, create core competitiveness represented by independent intellectual property product research and development and professional marketing capabilities, gradually establish the leading position of the domestic market, and carry out international strategy. Huge market potential leads to unlimited business opportunities In the past, China's investment in medical expenditure or disease prevention was much lower than that in developed countries. However, due to the improvement of people's living standards as a result of vigorous economic development, more attention has been paid to health than in the past. coupled with the problem of an ageing population, the demand for drugs in the mainland has also increased sharply. In addition, China's biotechnology is similar to the international level of technology, has a good momentum of development, and the prospect is very optimistic. The company believes that China's bio-pharmaceutical industry will become more and more mature and bring unlimited business opportunities for the company. Grasp the trend of science and technology and have excellent R & D ability Hai Wang Yintelong has strong scientific research strength, R & D team has professional knowledge and rich R & D experience. The company has independent research and development capabilities, the research and development of the pilot workshop to meet the GMP standards, each laboratory is equipped with advanced research facilities and test equipment. The company also cooperates with a number of strong professional biotechnology companies or research institutions, and achieved good results. The biotechnology drugs developed and produced by the company have the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, safety and reliability, and have great potential for development. In addition, with regard to the core technology of the new product, the company has obtained a core technology invention patent and is now applying for invention patents for a number of technologies. In the next three years, the company will have several new products with independent intellectual property rights on the market, and the market prospect is broad. Enjoy the brand advantage without fear of market competition Haiwang Yintelong's products use Haiwang Pharmaceutical's licensed trademark "Haiwang" is a well-known trademark in China, the brand has established outstanding reputation and popularity in China for many years. Brand advantage will help to enhance the market acceptance of all kinds of new drugs to be launched by the company in the future, and greatly enhance the competitiveness of the company. Excellent enterprise professionals strict quality control The management of the company has a professional background, rich corporate experience, in-depth understanding of the development of the industry, looking forward to the company's future direction, strategy, but also pay attention to staff training, actively recruit professionals in the industry. The company is well aware that the quality of products is as important as scientific research, and the quality is strictly controlled, so the products have a good reputation in China. The company's current production are in accordance with GMP standards and operating guidelines, strict implementation of product monitoring. Look forward to the future and achieve the future With strong R & D capabilities, professional marketing methods, strict quality control and excellent enterprise management, Hai Wang Interlon has accumulated rich management experience in China, established a certain popularity, and successfully strived for considerable market coverage. The company will carry on the past and open up the future, expand the production scale and enhance the R & D capacity, combine with advanced technology, increase the variety of products, and actively expand its business to overseas markets to achieve the future health cause of mankind.
CEO: Feng Zhang
Market: GEM
Listing Date: 09/12/2005
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