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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
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-12.01% 60.36M -30.49% 39.27M -10.97% 14.95M 25.91% 98.18M
Operating income
-12.01% 60.36M -30.49% 39.27M -10.97% 14.95M 25.91% 98.18M
Cost of sales
9.27% -63.21M 26.61% -41.29M 5.38% -16.03M -29.36% -97.73M
Operating expenses
9.27% -63.21M 26.61% -41.29M 5.38% -16.03M -29.36% -97.73M
Gross profit
-167.45% -2.84M -995.13% -2.02M -608.50% -1.08M -81.46% 450K
Selling expenses
-116.21% -2.36M -102.22% -1.55M -228.71% -996K -35.03% -1.75M
Administrative expenses
35.02% -7.61M 73.67% -2.2M 38.83% -1.79M -9.34% -18.37M
Special items of operating profit
-7.57% 916K -24.33% 563K -21.67% 282K 93.56% 4.72M
Operating profit
7.57% -11.89M 36.16% -5.21M -18.59% -3.59M -13.00% -14.95M
Financing cost
-12.79% -1.68M -12.98% -1.1M -12.61% -536K 69.38% -2.02M
Share of profits of associates
79.41% -824K 95.29% -159K 107.61% 118K 20.41% -5.91M
Earning before tax
21.59% -14.39M 48.29% -6.47M 20.69% -4.01M 23.17% -22.88M
-1,958.33% -223K -6,660.00% -656K -- -567K 273.23% 4.06M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
20.32% -14.62M 43.00% -7.12M 9.47% -4.58M 34.40% -18.82M
Earning after tax
20.32% -14.62M 43.00% -7.12M 9.47% -4.58M 34.40% -18.82M
Profit attributable to shareholders
20.32% -14.62M 43.00% -7.12M 9.47% -4.58M 34.40% -18.82M
Basic earnings per share
20.35% -0.0137 42.74% -0.0067 10.42% -0.0043 34.44% -0.0177
Diluted earnings per share
20.35% -0.0137 42.74% -0.0067 10.42% -0.0043 34.44% -0.0177
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
------Unqualified Opinion
------Zhejiang Zhongxing Accounting firm Co., Ltd.

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Zhejiang Yonglong Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Yangxunqiao Town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, adjacent to China Textile City. It is the first textile and weaving enterprise in Zhejiang Province to be listed on the stock market of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company is committed to the market development strategy of "new product guidance". It has established extensive technical joint relations with Invida (former DuPont Fiber), Zhejiang University of Technology, Donghua (former China Textile University), PLA General Logistics equipment Research Institute, National Textile Product Development Center, etc., and successfully developed a series of high-quality fabrics. Including elastic fabric series, cotton fabric series, blended fabric series and acetic acid fabric series, many products have been selected into Chinese popular fabrics. At present, the company is controlled by Zhejiang Yongli Industrial Group Co., Ltd., which further constructs the systematic competitive advantage in weaving and dyeing cooperation and active guarantee.
CEO: Lijiang Lou
Market: GEM
Listing Date: 11/08/2002
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