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About TENFU Company

Tianfu (Cayman) Holdings Limited (the “Company” or “we”, together with its subsidiaries collectively the “Group”) is a leading traditional Chinese tea product enterprise in the People's Republic of China (“China”), engaged in the sale and marketing of various types of tea products and the development of product concepts, flavors and packaging design. Our main products are tea, tea food and tea utensils, and we sell these products through a nationwide network of our own and third party retail stores and specialty stores. According to data from the China Enterprise Brand Research Center, Tianfu was selected as number one in the 2019 China Tea Chain Brand Strength Index. The “Tianfu” brand had one of the highest brand perceptions among Chinese tea product consumers, and won the title of “China Tea Industry Top 100 Comprehensive Enterprises” by the China Tea Distribution Association every year from 2013 to 2021. With its high brand awareness and popularity in the market for more than 25 years, the Group believes it is very beneficial for it to continue to grasp the expected growth situation in the brand's traditional Chinese tea market. We currently supply over 1,300 different traditional Chinese tea products. Based on retail sales, our brand traditional Chinese tea accounts for the largest market share among all brands of traditional Chinese tea in China, and our oolong tea and green tea dominate the relevant market segments. We supply over 300 kinds of tea food, most of which are tea-flavored foods, and are produced in our own production facilities. One of our businesses includes selling private label tea utensils. We have adopted a multi-brand strategy to occupy various segments of the traditional Chinese tea products market in China. Our most popular and well-known brand is “Tenpuku”. Our “Tianfu” brand tea products are mainly sold in our own and third party retail stores and specialty stores, striving to provide consumers with a tailor-made shopping experience. We also have a dedicated product line, with brands including “Tianfu Tianxin” and “Anker Lee”, which are mainly sold through our franchise locations in large supermarkets in China. On December 31, 2022, our tea products were sold at 1,332 retail stores and specialty stores across 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China (including stores and department stores located in streets and shopping malls and counters in large supermarkets). We also sell tea-based beverages (including milk tea) under the “bullfinch” trademark.

Revenue Breakdown

Business Currency:CNY
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Tea food107.77M12.79%
Tea set93.02M11.04%
All other divisions30.91M3.67%


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