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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
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NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
蔡海山Chairman,Authorized representative,Executive director3.69M04/03/2009Bachelor44male05/06/2022
梁永康Financial director,Vice chairman,Authorized representative,Executive director,Company secretary,Risk management committee member3.68M11/27/2006Bachelor60male05/06/2022
蔡绍哲Risk management committee member,Executive director2.67M06/11/2013Bachelor48female05/06/2022
方煜平VP,Executive director2.37M01/01/2008Bachelor59male05/06/2022
邹鲜红Executive director2.33M11/01/2010Doctor57female05/06/2022
朱苏燕VP,Executive director2.33M11/01/2010Master57female05/06/2022
张品文Nominating committee member,Chairman of the Risk Management Committee,Chairman of the remuneration committee,Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the audit committee210.00K03/31/2009--82male05/06/2022
宋敏Risk management committee member,Chairman of the nomination committee,Independent non-executive director,Remuneration committee member,Member of the audit committee210.00K05/25/2007Doctor60male05/06/2022
傅小楠Independent non-executive director,Remuneration committee member,Nominating committee member,Member of the audit committee210.00K12/10/2012Master--female05/06/2022
吴守廷The director of the Zhongshan production plant of the group----Master55male05/06/2022
刘炳杨General Manager of Guangdong Kaiping Jinyi capsule Co., Ltd.----Bachelor71male05/06/2022
张文玉General Manager of Group Federal Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.----Bachelor53male05/06/2022
郑顺腾General Manager of Operations, Group Intermediate and Raw material sales Department----Bachelor45male05/06/2022
陈敏General Manager of China sales Department of Group preparation products--01/01/2019Bachelor50female05/06/2022
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Federal Pharmaceutical International Holdings Co., Ltd. is an investment holding company, mainly engaged in the sale of intermediate products, API and preparation products. The company operates through three business units. The intermediate department is engaged in the business of selling intermediate products. The API Department is engaged in the business of selling APIs. The preparation products Department is engaged in the sales of antibiotic preparation products, non-antibiotic preparation products and hollow capsules. The company, through its subsidiaries, is also engaged in the manufacture and sale of organic fertilizers.
CEO: Haishan Cai
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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