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About HUABANG TECH Company

Huabang Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huabang Technology”) is an enterprise group engaged in diversified business. Since its establishment, it was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2013 (stock code: 3638.HK), and since its establishment, it has pioneered diversified high-quality financial services with a professional team. The current business scope covers computer peripheral products, corporate financing, financial advisory, financial loans and other financial services. In order to enable customers to receive a full range of services, Huabang Technology is based on insight into customer needs. Through excellent project planning and research, and with the rich experience of an elite team, Huabang Technology provides the most appropriate professional opinions and investment strategies, focuses on enhancing the added value of customers, and strives for better returns to customers. Huabang Technology also values every investor and partner, and is convinced to establish a harmonious and deep partnership and pursue a win-win situation for all parties. Since its establishment 11 years ago, Huabang Technology's asset scale has steadily increased year by year, and has continued to maintain a sound financial structure. Based on the resources and advantages accumulated over the years, Huabang Technology has continuously developed new industrial fields, and its commercial landscape has comprehensively covered all kinds of financial services. The Group invests widely in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, Europe, and across the ocean to Canada and the United States. Huabang Technology continues to pay attention to, invest and deeply operate innovative and growing industries and enterprises, seizing international opportunities, forging ahead, and working with strategic partners in various countries to pragmatically innovate for mutual benefit and win-win situation. It has gradually become an international comprehensive enterprise group integrating various types of financial services. Through years of unremitting efforts, Huabang Technology is making every effort to create new glory with its solid business foundation, clear goal management and excellent professional team.

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