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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
03301 Ronshine China
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-34.44% 14.25B -31.09% 33.28B 3.20% 21.74B -6.14% 48.3B
Operating income
-34.44% 14.25B -31.09% 33.28B 3.20% 21.74B -6.14% 48.3B
Cost of sales
28.19% -14.05B 31.02% -29.66B -9.14% -19.56B -10.27% -42.99B
Operating expenses
28.19% -14.05B 31.02% -29.66B -9.14% -19.56B -10.27% -42.99B
Gross profit
-90.66% 203.11M -31.70% 3.63B -30.73% 2.18B -57.42% 5.31B
Selling expenses
-14.42% -732.91M -2.44% -1.29B -30.06% -640.54M -5.00% -1.26B
Administrative expenses
-18.97% -751.48M 25.56% -1.19B 8.48% -631.68M -8.40% -1.6B
Revaluation surplus
-3,687.06% -1.43B 82.50% -32.25M 61.27% -37.76M -471.02% -184.33M
-Changes in the fair value of investment property
-3,687.06% -1.43B 82.50% -32.25M 61.27% -37.76M -471.02% -184.33M
Special items of operating profit
-296.55% -820.93M 71.24% 1.16B -2.70% 417.68M 126.74% 676.03M
Operating profit
-375.27% -3.53B -22.81% 2.27B -43.96% 1.28B -71.01% 2.94B
Financing income
-54.07% 172.03M -59.27% 736.49M 13.94% 374.58M 623.56% 1.81B
Financing cost
-1,152.13% -1.23B -38.48% -636.27M 64.23% -98.49M 27.01% -459.48M
Special items of earning before tax
449.73% 382.32M -83.28% 102.24M -49.53% 69.55M -31.73% 611.46M
Earning before tax
-358.54% -4.21B -49.55% 2.47B -34.34% 1.63B -54.02% 4.9B
38.89% -359.54M 46.98% -745.87M 29.55% -588.35M 70.49% -1.41B
After-tax profit from continuing operations
-539.30% -4.57B -50.59% 1.73B -36.77% 1.04B -40.71% 3.49B
Earning after tax
-539.30% -4.57B -50.59% 1.73B -36.77% 1.04B -40.71% 3.49B
Minority profit
-139.68% -141.23M -59.52% 431.68M -51.71% 355.89M -60.93% 1.07B
Profit attributable to shareholders
-747.07% -4.43B -46.66% 1.3B -24.65% 684.51M -23.02% 2.43B
Basic earnings per share
-741.46% -2.63 -46.15% 0.77 -22.64% 0.41 -23.53% 1.43
Diluted earnings per share
-741.46% -2.63 -45.77% 0.77 -22.64% 0.41 -23.24% 1.42
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion
--Kaiyuan Xinde accounting firm co., Ltd.--PricewaterhouseCoopers

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Founded in September 2003, real estate development is the main industry. Real estate development has the qualification of national first-class real estate development. at present, projects are located in Fuzhou, Zhangzhou, Xiamen, Pingtan, Shanghai and Hangzhou, and are among the top 50 real estate development enterprises in China (ranked among the top 33 in China in 2015). "cast integrity, create a room of love". Over the past 11 years, Rongxin Group has adhered to the concept of "casting integrity and creating a room for love", adhered to the responsibility of urban operators, made urban life better, won the recognition of the domestic industry, and has won more than 30 national honors. In recent years, it has been continuously selected on the authority list. Including 2013-2015 China's top 50 real estate companies, 2013-2014 China's top 50 real estate brands, 2014 China's top 500 private enterprises, 2014 China's top 2014 service enterprises, 2014 China's top 100 private enterprises, 2011-2014 China's best employers and so on. In December 2013, Rongxin trademark was also awarded as "Fujian famous Trademark" and "Fuzhou well-known Trademark". "based on Hercynian". In the past two years, in Fuzhou, including "Rongxin David City", "Rongxin Lan County", "Rongxin White House", "Rongxin Houhai", "Rongxin Shuanghang City", "Rongxin David City (Pingtan)", "Rongxin Shangjiang City", "Shi ou Shangjiang City", "Shi ou Lan Mountain", "Shi ou Wangzhuang", "West Coast" In southern Fujian, star developments such as "Rongxin Sea City", "Rongxin View Mountain", "Rongxin Future City", "Yipin Jiangshan" and "Rongxin Lan Garden" are all boutique projects to enhance the regional pattern of the city. "striding towards the whole country". Since 2013, Rongxin has invested more than 20 billion yuan to win more than 10 high-quality plots in Shanghai and Hangzhou in eastern China, initially realizing the development strategy of "based on Hercynian and marching towards the whole country". Among them, the joint development of seven plots, including the "Land King" of Shanghai Xujing Convention and Exhibition Center with a total land price of 4.721 billion yuan, has firmly established the major strategic layout of Rongxin East China region. At present, Rongxin's projects in Shanghai and Hangzhou, such as "Rongxin Platinum Bay", "Rongxin Blue Peacock", "French Family", "Rongxin Hangzhou Mansion", "Rongxin Greenland International" and "Hongqiao World Center" have been made public one after another. In addition, Rongxin will introduce more than five international five-star hotels in the future. With the brand concept of "harmony and beauty to goodness", Rongxin Group has always organized a series of major public welfare and charitable activities to achieve responsible corporate citizens, with a total donation of more than 100 million yuan so far, and practices the service and community culture of "Harmony and Beauty". Care for life "service and community culture. Create the first annual National Neighbourhood Culture Festival (which has been successfully held for 9 years) and Brand Culture Festival (which has been held to the fifth), organize the owners'"he Mei China Tour" to feel the elegant demeanor of China, while creating the top product quality at the same time, strive to create a high-quality community cultural atmosphere to make city life better. From taking root in Banyan City to being based on Hercynian and marching to the whole country, Rongxin people always pursue excellence with the enterprising spirit of "passionate work and happy life" and the core idea of "making life more valuable". To the whole country at a fast and solid pace!
CEO: Zonghong Ou
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 01/13/2016
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