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About BOC AVIATION Company

Bank of China Aviation Leasing is a top global aircraft operating leasing company, leading the financial indicators industry. Our business model benefits from strong global trends in the aviation industry. Our aircraft are mobile, can be redeployed around the world, and have a long economic life. We also benefit from long-term dollar-denominated cash flow from our diverse global airline customer base that leases aircraft to us, and our holdings of dollar-denominated assets. We believe the size of our business and investment grade credit ratings make us an attractive opponent for aircraft manufacturers as well as airline customers, which further enhances our competitiveness. Our aviation industry expertise, relationships with airline customers, aircraft manufacturers, and other major aviation industry players, as well as the long-term experience and outstanding talents of our senior management team and other key employees, have enabled us to achieve outstanding operational and financial results across multiple industry cycles. In particular, we have been profitable for 25 consecutive years. Our core business model focuses on purchasing new, energy-efficient, and market-needed new fleets directly from aircraft manufacturers at competitive prices, financing aircraft purchases in an efficient manner, providing long-term operating leases and sales of aircraft to a diverse customer base around the world to maintain a young fleet, reduce the risk of aircraft portfolios and reinvest sales revenue into new aircraft investments. The average age of our own fleet weighted by net book value is less than 4 years, making our fleet one of the lowest average age fleets in the aircraft operating leasing industry. We have long-term contract cash flow, and the average remaining tenancy period of our own fleet weighted by net book value is over 7 years. We benefit from lower average cost of capital, robust credit ratings (A-rated by Standard & Poor's and Fitch), and diverse financing channels. We also benefit from strong and committed support from the Bank of China (our controlling shareholder). Bank of China Aviation Leasing is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 2588), is headquartered in Singapore, and has offices in Dublin, London, New York and Tianjin.

Revenue Breakdown

Business Currency:USD
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Other income46.24M4.36%
Interest income from financial leasing20.02M1.89%


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