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About RAILY AESMED Company

Ruili Medical and Aesthetic International Holdings Co., Ltd. (the “Company” and its subsidiary “Group”) is a leading medical aesthetic service provider located in Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China (“China”). Our main business is to provide customers with a wide range of medical aesthetic services to meet their different aesthetic and anti-aging goals. We own and operate a network of four private for-profit medical aesthetic institutions, three of which are located in Zhejiang Province (Hangzhou City and Ruian City in Wenzhou) and one in Anhui Province (Wuhu City). Our flagship store, Hangzhou Ruili Medical Aesthetic Hospital Co., Ltd. (“Hangzhou Ruili”), is one of the five Hangzhou medical aesthetic institutions rated as “5A” by the China Plastic Surgery Association (“China Plastic Surgery Association”). Our medical aesthetic services mainly include (i) cosmetic surgery services, including cosmetic surgery that adjusts multiple parts of the face or body; (ii) minimally invasive aesthetic services, which mainly include cosmetic injection treatment, which beautifies or rejuvenates the skin through the mixing or combination of drugs or the injection of a single drug into the skin; and (iii) skin beauty services, which mainly include various cosmetic energy diagnosis and treatment and photoelectric programs, which can improve problems such as dark yellow skin, facial wrinkles, and sagging skin. At the same time, we also provide medical aesthetic management consulting services to third party medical aesthetic institutions and physicians. In addition, we also sell medical aesthetic equipment products. We have acquired Shenzhen Jiumei Xinhe Medical Devices Co., Ltd. (“Jiumei Xinhe”), which sells Chumei facial implants (a Korean brand of e-PTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) facial implants). Jiumei Xinhe is one of three organizations authorized by China's medical device registration department to import e-PTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) facial implants. Our subsidiary Suzhou Yonglan Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (“Suzhou Yonglan”) is building a production capacity for dermal injection products. The plant area is about 4,660 square meters. It is located in Building 7, Phase 1, Qidi Medical Device Industry Innovation Port, No. 26, Jinxing Road, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou. It is expected to reach product manufacturing capacity in 2024. We have reached cooperation with technical teams from well-known universities in China to jointly develop novel dermal injection products. We will continue to jointly plan, develop, and manufacture by well-known universities within the United Nations to build a platform for R&D and manufacturing of medical aesthetic equipment products. We will become an advanced and professional minimally invasive medical-aesthetic integration organization.

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Business Currency:CNY
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Medical beauty service85.14M87.25%


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