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02060 Pujiang International
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
汤亮Authorized representative,Chairman of the board,Executive director--04/26/2017Doctor54male05/31/2022
周旭峰Chief executive,Executive director702.00K11/12/2018Bachelor56male05/31/2022
华伟Executive director306.00K03/17/2021Bachelor59male05/31/2022
倪晓峰Executive director260.00K11/12/2018Bachelor57male05/31/2022
潘英丽Chairman of the remuneration committee,Nominating committee member,Independent non-executive director,Member of the audit committee149.00K04/24/2019Doctor67female05/31/2022
陈德伟Chairman of the nomination committee,Remuneration committee member,Independent non-executive director,Member of the audit committee149.00K04/24/2019Doctor66male05/31/2022
张弼弘Nominating committee member,Independent non-executive director,Remuneration committee member,Chairman of the audit committee150.00K04/24/2019Bachelor47male05/31/2022
凌东鹰Financial director--12/31/2020Master50male05/31/2022
黎少娟Company secretary,Authorized representative--03/17/2021--47female05/31/2022
罗国强General Manager and Chief engineer of Pujiang, Shanghai--09/01/1994Bachelor68male05/31/2022
徐浩明Director and Deputy General Manager of Pujiang, Shanghai--11/01/1989Bachelor67male05/31/2022
游胜意Chief engineer of Ausheng (Jiujiang)--05/01/2005Bachelor64male05/31/2022
李刚Deputy General Manager of Pujiang, Shanghai--06/30/1991Bachelor59male05/31/2022
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Pujiang International Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese investment holding company mainly engaged in manufacturing, installing and selling customized prestressed steel and cables. The company operates two business units. The rope department manufactures and supplies ropes for the construction of long-span bridges and extra-large bridges. The prestressed materials department is mainly engaged in manufacturing prestressed materials for infrastructure construction, and the main products include rare earth coated prestressed products, smooth prestressed products and galvanized prestressed products. The company mainly operates in China, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Costa Rica and Taiwan.
CEO: Liang Tang
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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