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02038 FIH
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
池育阳Chief executive,Executive director,Authorized representative,Deputy chairman1.11M08/28/2009Bachelor63male04/14/2022
郭文义Executive director715.00K06/29/2018Doctor56male04/14/2022
孟效义Chief operating Officer,Executive director413.00K10/30/2020--58male04/14/2022
刘绍基Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the audit committee,Chairman of the nomination committee,Chairman of the remuneration committee40.00K12/01/2004Bachelor63male04/14/2022
Daniel Joseph MehanRemuneration committee member,Independent non-executive director,Member of the audit committee,Nominating committee member31.00K07/24/2007Doctor77male04/14/2022
陶韵智Remuneration committee member,Independent non-executive director,Nominating committee member,Member of the audit committee31.00K03/09/2017Master47male04/14/2022
熊迺斌Director of Business Development--01/01/2003Master58male04/14/2022
陈辉中Senior Director of Finance--08/01/2013Master60male04/14/2022
黄建昕Company secretary,Authorized representative--06/29/2017----female04/14/2022
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Foxconn International Holdings Limited (Foxconn International) was incorporated as an exempted limited liability company in the Cayman Islands on February 8, 2000. We provide a full range of one-stop manufacturing services for mobile phones and wireless communication devices, including the design and production of precision fixtures and moulds, product development, component, module and system manufacturing, assembly and integration, and after-sales service. Since its inception, we have been continuously improving our services and production capacity to meet the needs of our global customers.
CEO: Yuyang (dailizhuxi) Chi
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 02/03/2005
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