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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
01865 Pipeline Engineering
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-21.94% 21.46M 36.02% 59.1M 262.34% 27.49M 59.25% 43.45M
Operating income
-21.94% 21.46M 36.02% 59.1M 262.34% 27.49M 59.25% 43.45M
Cost of sales
24.84% -20.19M -47.11% -49.24M -201.28% -26.86M -46.41% -33.47M
Operating expenses
24.84% -20.19M -47.11% -49.24M -201.28% -26.86M -46.41% -33.47M
Gross profit
102.72% 1.27M -1.19% 9.86M 146.99% 625K 125.64% 9.98M
Administrative expenses
-170.53% -10.98M -33.84% -9.57M -61.20% -4.06M -85.09% -7.15M
Impairment and provision
-- -68K -- -196K -- -- -- --
-Other impairment is provision
-- -68K -- -196K -- -- -- --
Special items of operating profit
-19.57% 719K 107.64% 3.32M -10.69% 894K 17.69% 1.6M
Operating profit
-256.81% -9.06M -22.96% 3.41M 10.78% -2.54M 130.95% 4.43M
Financing cost
-107.66% -1.14M -321.29% -1.56M -974.51% -548K -488.89% -371K
Earning before tax
-230.34% -10.2M -54.46% 1.85M -6.56% -3.09M 118.78% 4.05M
157.31% 98K -2.75% -822K -- -171K -180.70% -800K
After-tax profit from continuing operations
-210.00% -10.1M -68.53% 1.02M -12.46% -3.26M 107.53% 3.25M
Earning after tax
-210.00% -10.1M -68.53% 1.02M -12.46% -3.26M 107.53% 3.25M
Profit attributable to shareholders
-210.00% -10.1M -68.53% 1.02M -12.46% -3.26M 107.53% 3.25M
Basic earnings per share
-182.86% -0.0099 -68.57% 0.0011 -9.38% -0.0035 105.88% 0.0035
Diluted earnings per share
-182.86% -0.0099 -68.57% 0.0011 -9.38% -0.0035 105.88% 0.0035
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion
--Evergreen (Hong Kong) Accountants Limited--Jindao Liancheng Accountants Co., Ltd.

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
We are the principal contractor specializing in infrastructure plumbing and related engineering services. We have been operating in Singapore for more than 26 years, mainly in the gas, water, telecommunications and power supply industries. Since its inception, we have successfully undertaken a number of gas and water pipeline projects and communication cable projects for private and public utility companies in Singapore. Our contracts are for individual projects. The experienced executive directors and senior management team led by Mr. Xu Yuanhua have contributed a lot to the development of the Group over the years, which has enabled us to establish a leading position in the Singapore industry. According to the Frost Sullivan report, we ranked third in Singapore's overall infrastructure piping engineering market and second in the gas pipeline engineering market in terms of revenue for the year ended 31 March 2018. Our strength lies in our ability to lay gas pipelines. As early as the late 1990s, we first participated in the use of polyethylene pipes for the laying of gas supply pipes for industrial and residential development projects, as well as the design of gas pipelines and the laying of high-pressure steel pipes on Jurong Island. We were first awarded the contract for new water mains at StamfordCanal Canal (Stanford) in Singapore in 2005, and the contract for the Biopolis district cooling pipeline project in 2005, followed by the first communication cable project in 2009 and the first power supply cable installation project in May 2018. We have participated in the solar panel installation project for the first time since December 2017. Our extensive track record shows that we have the ability to lay pipes with different directions, diameters or other requirements for different industries. We ensure that the project is completed as safely and efficiently as possible with few interruptions, even if the construction site is in urban or residential areas with high traffic flow. The projects we undertake are generally obtained through the bidding process and can be tendered or invited through the GeBIZ operated by the Singapore government agency or on the customer's own website.
CEO: Jiamin Feng
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 03/27/2019
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