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01797 EAST BUY

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About EAST BUY Company

Our position is to be a live shopping platform that selects good products for customers; a product and technology company that focuses on proprietary agricultural products selected by Oriental brands; and a cultural communication company that brings customers a pleasant spiritual experience. By providing high-quality products and services and promoting traditional Chinese culture and positive values, we hope to provide every customer with a beautiful, healthy and quality of life. New Oriental Online Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. was founded by New Oriental in 2005. New Oriental is a pioneer in the private education industry in China and has nearly 30 years of experience. Adhering to the mission of improving public welfare and creating value for society, since 2021, we have expanded our own products and live e-commerce business and established Oriental Selection, which has become a well-known platform for selling high-quality, cost-effective agricultural and other products. Currently, our business covers proprietary products and live e-commerce, university education, overseas exam preparation, and institutional cooperation. Currently, following the “customer-centric” strategy, Oriental Selection has set up six live streaming accounts on Douyin, forming a live streaming matrix. Product categories and SKUs have also been gradually expanded. Currently, including agricultural products, food, books, and daily necessities, our brand's position in the industry is becoming more and more prominent, gaining millions of repeat customers and loyal fans and members. Through strict supply chain management and diversified cooperation with different third parties, we help people choose high-quality agricultural and other products. At the same time, we create value for customers by providing a variety of proprietary products under brands selected by Oriental. These products are healthy, high-quality and cost-effective, including fresh food, juice, coffee, tea, bedding, etc. Furthermore, Oriental Selection focuses on developing cultural content, and has begun to increase cooperation with local governments to promote specialty agricultural products, contribute to cultural tourism, and create value for society.

Revenue Breakdown

Business Currency:CNY
Stock NameRevenueRatio
College education590.78M13.10%
Institutional customer38.16M0.85%


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