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NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
文海源Chairman of the nomination committee,Chairman,Executive director1.10M05/09/2018High school60male10/04/2022
吴婉珍Executive director408.00K05/09/2018High school56female10/04/2022
何志康Chief executive,Authorized representative,Executive director863.00K05/09/2018Bachelor46male10/04/2022
郑钢Executive director--10/01/2022Master55male10/04/2022
林峥Executive director--10/01/2022--36male10/04/2022
郑晨辉Executive director--10/01/2022--44male10/04/2022
陈家宇Nominating committee member,Remuneration committee member,Chairman of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director180.00K12/06/2018Bachelor43male10/04/2022
陈建Non-Executive Director--10/01/2022--49male10/04/2022
陈怡冬Non-Executive Director--10/01/2022--27male10/04/2022
卢其钊Independent non-executive director,Remuneration committee member,Member of the audit committee180.00K12/06/2018Doctor37male10/04/2022
梁唯廉Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the remuneration committee,Member of the audit committee,Nominating committee member--12/06/2018Bachelor49male10/04/2022
萧永健Company secretary,Financial director,Authorized representative--11/01/2017Bachelor51male10/04/2022
张丽仪Administrative and Accounting Manager--03/31/2022High school48female10/04/2022
Company Overview More
The Group is a well-known decoration contractor in Hong Kong with more than 22 years of experience since the establishment of Haicheng Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., one of our main operating subsidiaries. Our decoration services cover (I) renovation works for new buildings; and (ii) internal retrofitting of existing buildings involved in upgrading, renovation and demolition works. Our decoration services are mainly provided on a project basis for residential and commercial properties in Hong Kong. To a lesser extent, we also supply decoration materials such as wood products in Hong Kong according to customer requirements.
CEO: Haiyuan Wen
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 12/31/2018
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