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About YUK WING GP Company

According to the Frost & Sullivan report, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of downhole rock drilling tools in Hong Kong, China. In terms of revenue, the Hong Kong market share in 2015 was 59.2%. Additionally, we sell pile drivers and drilling rigs and rock drilling equipment purchased from outside suppliers. We provide rock drilling technology solutions for all types of customers with rock drilling needs. We design, manufacture and sell drilling-hole drilling tools for building foundations, site piling, mining and quarrying, drilling wells, utility pipelines, mini-tunnels, and cover drilling at various depths under different geological formations. Most of the equipment and instruments we supply to our customers are self-designed and manufactured drilling tools, while the rest are purchased from third parties according to the customer's rock drilling needs. Our factory in Shunde, China manufactures self-designed drilling-hole drilling tools. We mainly procure the main raw materials (mainly alloy steel and tungsten carbide) for self-designed and manufactured downhole drilling tools from five suppliers in China. We also procure third party pilers and drilling rigs and rock drilling equipment from external suppliers and manufacturers in Japan, China, Italy, Korea and Australia, and provide them to our customers as rock drilling technology solutions. Most of our revenue during the business record period came from direct sales of our products to customers in Hong Kong and Macau, China, but revenue from exporting drilling-hole rock drilling tools through overseas distributors was growing. We began selling products overseas in 2013 and entered into formal exclusive distribution arrangements with three distributors in Finland, Japan and India in 2014, 2015 and 2016, respectively. International demand for drilling-hole drilling tools in the new markets of India and Canada is increasing. To meet these market needs, we have begun sales and marketing activities in these regions and are planning to develop partnerships with local distributors. During the business record period, our five major clients were mainly Hong Kong Foundation Engineering Companies and Contractors.

Revenue Breakdown

Business Currency:HKD
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Manufacture and sale of submersible drilling tools61.1M91.00%


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