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About 3SBIO Company

Sansei Pharmaceutical (the “Company” or “Sansei Pharmaceutical”, together with its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as the “Group”) is a leading biotechnology company in the People's Republic of China (“China”). As a pioneer in the biotechnology industry in China, the Group has rich experience in R&D, production and marketing of biomedical products. The Group's core products include a variety of biopharmaceuticals Terbiao, recombinant human erythropoietin (“rhEPO”) products Ibio and Cybor, Isep, Cyptin, and the small molecule drug Mandy. Tebiao is currently the only commercialized recombinant human thrombocytogen (“rHTPO”) product in the world. According to IQVIA1, in the first half of 2023, in terms of sales, the market share of Thrombocytopenia 2 in mainland China was 64.6%. With two RhEPO products, the Group has been the leader in the RhEPO market in mainland China for 20 years, accounting for a total of 42.9% of the total market share in the first half of 2023. According to data from the Chinese Pharmaceutical Society (“CPA”), in the first half of 2023, Mandy had a dominant market share of 70.3% in the minoxidil tincture market in mainland China in terms of sales volume. Icyprop is a tumor necrosis factor (“TNF”) alpha inhibitor product. It accounted for 23.7% of the TNFα market in mainland China in the first half of 2023. The Group is also expanding the therapeutic field by adding products through internal research and development (“R&D”) and various external strategic collaborations. At the same time, the Group has increased its revenue scale through strategic layout contract development and production and operation (“CDMO”) business. It has been officially operating since December 2021, and the scale of its business in mainland China has continued to increase. As of June 30, 2023, out of 30 products under development actively developed by the Group, 25 were developed as innovative drugs in mainland China. Of the 30 products under development, 14 are antibodies, 6 are other biological products, and 10 are small molecule drugs. The Group has 10 products under development in hematology/oncology; 13 products under development target autoimmune diseases (including rheumatoid arthritis (“RA”)), and other diseases, including intractable gout and ophthalmologic diseases (such as retinal branch vein occlusion (“BRVO”)); 5 nephrology products under development; and 2 dermatology products under development. The industries in which the Group operates are very attractive. Biotechnology has revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry by fulfilling unmet demand for pharmaceuticals and providing innovative treatments for a wide range of human diseases. In mainland China, the biopharmaceutical industry has received strong support from the government and has been recognized as an important strategic emerging industry by the State Council of China. Strong government support and the growing adoption of biopharmaceutical products by physicians in mainland China have boosted the industry's strong growth. The Group is expanding globally. Outside of mainland China, Ibio has been approved by 9 countries; Ibio has been approved by 24 countries; and Yisaipu has been approved by 16 countries. In the long run, the Group aims to market its products in developed countries. The Group also collaborates with international partners to develop and market the Group's products under development, such as pegsiticase and anti-programmed death receptor 1 (“PD-1”) monoclonal antibodies (“monoclonal antibodies”). The Group aims to focus on research and development to provide innovative treatments for patients in mainland China and around the world. As of June 30, 2023, the Group has operating facilities in Shenyang, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen (all located in mainland China) and Como, Italy. The number of employees is 5,311. The Group's pharmaceutical products are promoted and sold in all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government in mainland China, as well as in certain overseas countries and regions. For the six months ended June 30, 2023 (the “Reporting Period”), the Group's national distribution network sold the Group's products to about 8,700 hospitals and medical institutions in mainland China.

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