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Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
01363 CT Environmental
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-16.47% 335.63M -26.24% 850.41M -59.17% 401.82M -45.07% 1.15B
Operating income
-16.47% 335.63M -26.24% 850.41M -59.17% 401.82M -45.07% 1.15B
Cost of sales
13.64% -228.1M 41.16% -567.36M 55.11% -264.11M 25.76% -964.33M
Operating expenses
13.64% -228.1M 41.16% -567.36M 55.11% -264.11M 25.76% -964.33M
Gross profit
-21.91% 107.54M 50.02% 283.05M -65.20% 137.71M -76.42% 188.67M
Administrative expenses
5.34% -117.93M 44.50% -211.14M 5.89% -124.57M -40.87% -380.4M
Impairment and provision
80.57% -19.37M 94.57% -185.4M -- -99.69M -51,647.58% -3.41B
-Impairment of property, machinery and equipment
-- -- 98.63% -25.77M -- -- -- -1.89B
-Goodwill impairment
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -168.39M
-Other impairment is provision
80.57% -19.37M 88.27% -159.62M -- -99.69M -20,513.70% -1.36B
Special items of operating profit
-91.24% 2.39M 113.57% 12.57M -73.51% 27.24M -124.94% -92.65M
Operating profit
53.85% -27.37M 97.27% -100.91M -116.19% -59.31M -513.30% -3.7B
Financing cost
39.34% -75.38M 5.75% -228.36M -116.33% -124.27M -94.17% -242.29M
Share of profits of associates
-- -- 50.94% 2.08M -- 1.06M 3.38% 1.38M
Share of profit from joint venture company
-- -- -- -- -- -- -880.39% -2.83M
Earning before tax
43.70% -102.75M 91.70% -327.19M -159.23% -182.51M -610.78% -3.94B
10.94% 9.54M -82.83% 10.16M 251.13% 8.6M 145.01% 59.17M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
46.41% -93.21M 91.84% -317.03M -157.50% -173.92M -706.36% -3.88B
Earning after tax
46.41% -93.21M 91.84% -317.03M -157.50% -173.92M -706.36% -3.88B
Minority profit
8.93% -255K 97.16% -311K -683.33% -280K -935.76% -10.95M
Profit attributable to shareholders
46.47% -92.95M 91.82% -316.72M -157.42% -173.64M -703.65% -3.87B
Basic earnings per share
66.67% -0.01 91.94% -0.05 -160.00% -0.03 -720.00% -0.62
Diluted earnings per share
66.67% -0.01 91.94% -0.05 -160.00% -0.03 -720.00% -0.62
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Accounting Standards

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Zhongtao Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. (01363.HK) is a professional environmental protection solution provider, providing customers with one-stop, integrated, integrated and tailor-made comprehensive environmental protection services. The group's main business is centralized industrial wastewater treatment, industrial water supply, centralized disposal of solid waste (including strictly controlled waste) and hazardous waste, harmless treatment of municipal solid waste in urban and rural areas, and environmental testing. The service covers the whole process of planning, construction, operation and maintenance of environmental protection facilities. Zhongtao Environmental Protection is one of the earliest enterprises to carry out centralized treatment of industrial wastewater in Guangdong Province. it is the leading sludge disposal enterprise in Guangdong and the largest hazardous waste disposal enterprise in Guangdong Province. It has Class An operation qualification of environmental pollution treatment facilities (domestic sewage and industrial wastewater), solid waste management qualification (including strictly controlled waste) treatment license, and dozens of hazardous waste disposal license. it is a high-tech enterprise and an enterprise certified for comprehensive utilization of resources. Since entering the industrial wastewater centralized treatment and industrial water supply service industry in 2003, the Group has continuously expanded its business field and business area, covering the whole industrial chain such as water, solid waste, hazardous waste, environmental protection testing and so on. formed the group's core competitiveness of the environmental protection industry development model. The group's strong independent research and development and technical capabilities, unique business model, experienced professional management team, and highly competitive cost advantages provide a strong guarantee for the rapid development of the group's business. The Group consciously fulfills its social responsibility by funding many charitable and public welfare projects. Zhongtao Environmental Scholarship has been set up in Sun Yat-sen University and Zhongtao Environmental Protection Engineering Vocational College, which is directly under the Guangdong Environmental Protection Department, to encourage, subsidize and train students to soon become environmental professionals. The Group will make full use of its core competitive advantages to vigorously promote the development of industrial wastewater centralized treatment business, expand industrial solid waste disposal business centered on sludge disposal, and integrate hazardous waste treatment and disposal business. to build a high-tech environmental protection enterprise with centralized wastewater treatment in the industrial park as the core, industrial water supply, solid waste and hazardous waste treatment and disposal as an organic combination of industrial chain and obvious core competitive advantages. Maintain the leading edge in industrial wastewater centralized treatment and solid waste treatment and disposal.
CEO: Zhiji Lu
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 09/25/2013
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