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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
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Net premium income has been realized
8.22% 431.66B 9.45% 300.97B 11.36% 172.71B 1.79% 529.89B
-Net premium income
9.44% 459.81B 10.76% 349.76B 14.38% 218.59B 3.70% 538.37B
-Including:Total premium income
10.07% 504.37B 11.19% 382.62B 14.28% 233.98B 3.87% 585.43B
-Including: Premium
-16.95% -44.56B -15.93% -32.86B -12.79% -15.39B -5.90% -47.06B
-Unearned premium reserve
-32.33% -28.15B -19.60% -48.79B -27.39% -45.88B -701.56% -8.48B
Investment income
-- -- -12.68% 25.27B -- -- 9.20% 49.5B
Amortized reinsurance expenditure
-- -- 1.01% 6.83B -- -- -7.14% 11.07B
Special items of income
-7.48% 49.81B -9.20% 1.8B -9.70% 16.86B 9.88% 4.15B
Total income
6.35% 481.48B 7.10% 334.86B 9.10% 189.57B 2.24% 594.61B
Net payments and claims
-7.58% -236.4B -9.46% -237.98B -25.14% -90.49B -10.60% -423.4B
-Life insurance death payment
-- -- -113.12% -47B -- -- 33.24% -41.21B
-Extract long-term life insurance contract liabilities
-- -- 34.10% -33.22B -- -- -61.89% -71.74B
-Claims and withdrawal of outstanding claims
-- -- -10.91% -170.65B -- -- -12.08% -337.33B
-Amortization of indemnities and benefits of insured households
14.11% 20.74B -- -- 2.69% 5.87B -- --
-Special items of payment and claims
-8.07% -257.13B 40.59% 15.91B -23.49% -96.36B 11.96% 30.57B
Insurance business expenses and other expenses
-4.64% -647.18B -0.92% -77.09B -5.99% -257.42B 15.86% -152.88B
-Policy dividend payout
-8.87% -3.46B -25.75% -3.01B -27.27% -2.54B -18.10% -3.69B
-Commission and handling fee expenses
4.02% -38.04B 6.14% -25.88B 0.36% -14.69B 18.48% -50.94B
-Administration expense
-4.57% -63.31B -5.58% -45.89B -5.53% -20.51B 15.71% -92.37B
-Financial expenses - expenses
-- -- -3.09% -2.94B -- -- 2.46% -5.55B
-Exchange Losses-expenditure
-- -- 685.05% 626M -- -- 59.44% -331M
-Withdrawal of statutory insurance protection fund
1.84% -79.63B -- -- 5.04% -39.43B -- --
-Special items of operating payout
-6.62% -462.74B -- -- -9.14% -180.24B -- --
Total payment、 claims and expenses
-5.41% -883.58B -7.09% -312.06B -10.39% -347.91B -1.99% -572.59B
Operating profit
-4.30% -402.1B 7.25% 22.8B -11.97% -158.34B 9.02% 22.02B
Attributable share of joint ventures and joint ventures
-- -- 11.43% 7.16B -- -- 18.91% 13.57B
Special items of profit
303.03% 133M -- -- -960.00% -53M -- --
Earning before tax
18.42% 39.82B 8.22% 29.96B -3.77% 15.56B 12.59% 35.59B
-37.87% -6.74B -15.94% -5.15B -39.35% -3.24B -54.55% -5.22B
After-tax profit from continuing operations
15.11% 33.08B 6.75% 24.81B -11.02% 12.32B 7.57% 30.37B
Earning After tax
15.11% 33.08B 6.75% 24.81B -11.02% 12.32B 7.57% 30.37B
Minority profit
20.38% 9.58B 8.99% 6.96B -6.19% 3.57B 8.50% 8.89B
Profits attributable to shareholders
13.09% 23.5B 5.90% 17.85B -12.86% 8.74B 7.19% 21.48B
Basic earnings per share
12.77% 0.53 5.26% 0.4 -13.04% 0.2 8.89% 0.49
Diluted earnings per share
5.26% 0.4 8.89% 0.49
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
CAS (2007)IASCAS (2007)IAS
Audit Opinions
------Unqualified Opinion
------PricewaterhouseCoopers, PricewaterhouseCoopers (special general partnership)

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
The company is the first national insurance company in New China, founded on October 1, 1949, and has grown into a leading large comprehensive insurance financial group in China. listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2012 (H stock code: 1339) and in November 2018 on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (A share code: 601319). Our company ranks 110th among the Fortune 500 published in 2022. The Company conducts property insurance business in China and Hong Kong, respectively, through PICC property Insurance (listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, stock code: 2328) and PICC Hong Kong (the Company holds about 68.98% and 89.36% of the equity, respectively). Conduct life insurance and health insurance business through PICC (the company directly and indirectly holds 80.00% equity) and PICC Health (the company directly and indirectly holds about 95.45% of the equity). Centralize and professionally manage most of the insurance funds through PICC assets (the company holds 100% equity), and carry out business such as enterprise annuity and occupational annuity through PICC pension (the company holds 100% equity). Take PICC investment control (the company holds 100% equity) as a professional real estate and pension investment management platform PICC Capital (the company holds 100% equity) as an insurance asset management company focusing on alternative investments such as debt, equity, real estate investment and insurance private equity fund investment. To carry out professional reinsurance business inside and outside the group through PICC reinsurance (the company directly and indirectly holds 100% equity); to use PICC Financial Services (the company directly and indirectly holds 100% equity) as the Internet platform for the whole group; through PICC Technology (the company holds 100% equity) to co-ordinate the construction of the Group's information technology platform to achieve scientific and technological empowerment. And has carried on the strategic bureau in the non-insurance financial field such as bank, trust, etc. The company's core competencies include: We are the first national insurance company in New China, the founder and pioneer of the insurance industry in New China, with a long and outstanding brand. We are a comprehensive insurance and financial group with outstanding main business, insisting on taking customers as the center and realizing cross-plate business coordination. We have a diversified network of institutions and services rooted in urban and rural areas and throughout the country, and a broad and profound customer base to realize the integration of policy insurance business and commercial insurance business. We have a world-class property insurance company, the first in Asia, with obvious advantages in scale, cost and service, and outstanding profitability. We have a life insurance company with national bureau, steady development, sustainable profit and sound operating platform, with great potential for value creation and profitability. We have the first national professional health insurance company with outstanding professional ability and characteristic health management service ability. We have an industry-leading asset management platform, sound investment style and excellent investment performance. We serve the people's livelihood, protect the economy, fulfill our social responsibility, seize policy opportunities, and innovate our business model in the course of planning. We have advanced and applicable information technology, financial technology, outstanding capabilities and potential advantages in data mining, customer migration and value re-creation. We have strong shareholder support, experienced and insightful management team, and high-quality professionals.
CEO: Xi Luo
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 12/07/2012
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