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Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
01183 MECOM Power and Construction
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
郭林锡Executive director,Chairman4.20M05/08/2017High school60male05/30/2022
苏冠涛Executive director,Chief executive,Authorized representative,Vice chairman4.20M05/08/2017Master56male05/30/2022
陈宝仪Chairman of the audit committee,Remuneration committee member,Independent non-executive director,Nominating committee member161.00K01/23/2018Bachelor57female05/30/2022
张翘楚Member of the audit committee,Chairman of the nomination committee,Remuneration committee member,Independent non-executive director161.00K01/23/2018Master46male05/30/2022
廖永通Nominating committee member,Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the remuneration committee,Member of the audit committee161.00K12/13/2019Bachelor46male05/30/2022
林国华Chief operating officer--03/25/2007Bachelor48male05/30/2022
刘家华VP--01/01/2008High school48male05/30/2022
谭咏仪Authorized representative,Financial manager,Company secretary--07/01/2017Bachelor41female05/30/2022
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Aoneng Construction Holdings Co., Ltd. is an investment holding company mainly engaged in construction business. The company is mainly engaged in the provision of steel structure engineering, civil engineering construction and decoration and renovation works; high-voltage substation construction and system installation; and facility management, renovation and maintenance engineering and services. Steel structure engineering services generally involve the provision of customized and targeted steel structure construction services, including steel structure engineering, concrete pouring and construction engineering. Civil engineering construction services generally involve demolition works, site land investigation works, site formation works, foundation works, foundation and superstructure, roads and drains, and so on. Decoration and renovation works generally involve the provision of various types of alteration, renovation and improvement works.
CEO: Linxi Guo
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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