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NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
俞培根Chairman,Chairman of the Risk Management Committee,Non-independent director,Chairman of the Committee on Strategic Development--04/29/2021Master60male05/07/2022
徐鹏Member of the strategy committee,Senior Vice President,President,Non-independent director--03/02/2018Bachelor57male05/07/2022
张彦军Member of the Committee on Strategic Development,Non-independent director,Senior Vice President--06/29/2021Doctor52male05/07/2022
刘登清Independent non-executive director,Remuneration committee member,Risk management committee member,Member of the audit committee,Chairman of the nomination committee128.00K06/29/2018Doctor52male05/07/2022
黄峰Risk management committee member,Member of the Committee on Strategic Development,Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the remuneration committee,Member of the audit committee,Nominating committee member58.00K06/29/2021Bachelor66male05/07/2022
马永强Remuneration committee member,Chairman of the audit committee,Risk management committee member,Nominating committee member,Independent non-executive director52.00K06/29/2021Master47male05/07/2022
张继烈Shareholders represent supervisors,Chairman of the Supervisory Board--12/04/2018Master59male05/07/2022
冯勇Shareholders represent supervisors772.59K06/29/2021Master55male06/08/2022
王志文Staff representatives and supervisors772.29K06/29/2021Master55male05/07/2022
龚丹Acting treasurer,Secretary of the board--08/27/2021Bachelor59male05/07/2022
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Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd. is a Chinese company mainly engaged in the manufacture and sales of power generation equipment. The company operates five reporting divisions: clean and efficient energy equipment, renewable energy equipment, engineering and trade, modern manufacturing services and emerging growth industries. The company's main products include hydrogenerator sets, turbogenerators, wind turbines, power station steam turbines and power station boilers, as well as gas turbines. The company's main business divisions are in the domestic market and foreign markets.
CEO: Peigen Yu
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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