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    Dongfang Electric's rise in ROCE and business reinvestment are bullish signs, reflected in strong stock performance. However, high liabilities could pose risks. Further analysis is advised.

    Columns12.6 Close comment: The Hang Seng index is nearing a low

    Hello everyone, I'm Lao Li.
    $Hang Seng Index(800000.HK)$ Today the Hang Seng Index rushed back high, technical level Hang Seng Index support at 23,000 points, but the market sentiment structure is weak, according to the current trend, the short-term does not rule out the possibility of a new low.
    The market this killing, almost everyone expected, the mood has entered the extreme mode, but the current market accelerated decline, I think it is only close to the rebound node of the accelerated release panic disk, this time do not panic, do not put the chips in the hands easily sold out, the market after the kill to repair the bottom, according to the current trend, the rebound as soon as possible in the second half of the week.
    $TENCENT(00700.HK)$  Tencent today and the index resonance fell, fell below also short-term rise channel, but here is not a fundamental problem, but the market sentiment problem, the collective decline of the chinese stock, the formation of emotional resonance, technical aspects, technical indicators are scattered, this wave kill I think will stabilize near the previous low, and then go box shock trend.
    $SMIC(00981.HK)$  SMIC today again tested the lower edge of the box, at present look at the possibility of breaking, but the fundamentals of next year's plant start is still expected to start, and the year consolidation time is sufficient, so the low 21 near there is still an upward opportunity, now fall below 21 there is the possibility of a pit, short-term if returned above 21, continue to shock, waiting to break through the upper pressure 24 mainly.
    $DONGFANG ELEC(01072.HK)$ Oriental Electric, after Friday's volume breakthrough pressure level, today is also down the weak back to step on the breakthrough pressure level, the current Oriental Electric is a thousand gold difficult to buy old duck head pattern trend, the general direction is preferred, if the short-term breakthrough of the previous 14.5 high, open a new round of rising space, if not effectively break through the trend or will be mainly box shocks, support below look around 12.
    $BYD COMPANY(01211.HK)$ maintained such a long high volatility, today also did not resist the pressure, fell below 290 important support, but the overall is still in the rising channel, short-term attention 275 rise channel near the support, if the short-term rebound demand is relatively large, short-term can actively participate.
    We can all communicate with each other about the following stocks $BABA-SW(09988.HK)$ $Apple(AAPL.US)$ $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ $$
    12.6 Close comment: The Hang Seng index is nearing a low
    12.6 Close comment: The Hang Seng index is nearing a low
    12.6 Close comment: The Hang Seng index is nearing a low
    $DONGFANG ELEC(01072.HK)$
    The more potential, the stock price will only gradually come and go for healthy
    Daily inflation will only lead to a sudden decline, and it is impossible to stand firm
    To stand firm and to have time to think, the necessary stage must come and go, walk up!
    Stick to stop loss, a year to do 1-2 have to stock enough

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