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Moomoo > Quotes > 00813 SHIMAO GROUP > Company Executives
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
许荣茂Chairman,Executive director6.38M11/08/2004Master71male08/25/2022
许世坛President,Executive director,Vice chairman13.25M11/17/2004Master45male08/25/2022
汤沸Executive director,VP8.35M02/06/2013Master51female08/25/2022
吕翼Executive director,Executive President6.25M01/02/2020Master38male08/25/2022
谢琨Executive director--12/13/2021Master54male08/25/2022
叶明杰Non-Executive Director--01/01/2021Bachelor44male08/25/2022
冯子华Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the audit committee,Remuneration committee member,Nominating committee member--08/24/2022Master65male08/25/2022
吕红兵Nominating committee member,Chairman of the remuneration committee,Member of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director328.00K11/17/2004Master55male08/25/2022
林清锦Remuneration committee member,Chairman of the nomination committee,Member of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director328.00K06/01/2006Master61male08/25/2022
林绮薇Company secretary----Bachelor55female08/25/2022
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Shimao Real Estate Holdings Limited ("Shimao Real Estate" or the "Company", together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"; stock code: 813) was listed on the main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 5 July 2006. The Group's business focuses on the development of large-scale and high-quality comprehensive real estate projects, including residential, hotel, retail and commercial properties, in cities with developed Chinese mainland economy or high development potential. In line with the concept of "creating taste of life", Shimao brand first created the real estate "riverside model" in Chinese mainland, which integrates various elements such as landscape, hydrophilic, garden and architecture into the daily life of every family, and creates a series of fine real estate products. At the same time, we always take the innovative and forward-looking thinking of real estate development, take "achieving the urban dream" as our responsibility, practice the ideal of "urban operator", and strive to promote the process of urbanization.
CEO: Rongmao Xu
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 07/05/2006
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