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NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
刘烈宏Chairman,CEO,Executive director,Nominating committee member197.00K08/27/2021Doctor53male04/16/2022
陈忠岳President,Executive director613.00K02/19/2021Master50male04/16/2022
王俊治Executive director58.00K12/03/2021Master58male04/16/2022
梁宝俊Senior Vice President--02/12/2018Master52male08/18/2022
何飈Senior Vice President--06/18/2020Doctor50male08/18/2022
唐永博Senior Vice President--12/30/2021Doctor48male08/18/2022
李玉焯CFO,Executive director--02/28/2022Master49female08/18/2022
张永霖Chairman of the remuneration committee,Independent non-executive director,Member of the audit committee398.00K05/01/2004Bachelor73male08/18/2022
黄伟明Remuneration committee member,Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the audit committee406.00K01/19/2006Bachelor64male08/18/2022
钟瑞明Chairman of the nomination committee,Remuneration committee member,Member of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director415.00K10/15/2008Doctor70male08/18/2022
罗范椒芬Member of the audit committee,Nominating committee member,Independent non-executive director381.00K11/21/2012Master69female08/18/2022
翁顺来Authorized representative--11/01/2015Bachelor--male08/18/2022
陈雅慧Company secretary--06/16/2022Bachelor--female06/17/2022
Company Overview More
China United Network Communications (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (the "Company") was incorporated in Hong Kong in February 2000 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange # and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong on June 21 and 22, 2000, respectively. On June 1, 2001, the shares of the Company were officially included in the constituent stocks of the Hang Seng Index. The Company formally entered into a partnership with China Netcom Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. on October 15, 2008. The company has been selected as one of the Fortune 500 companies for many years in a row, ranked 260th among the Fortune Global 500s in 2021, and was named "the most respected Telecom Enterprise in Asia" by Institutional Investor for six consecutive years in 2021. The company is positioned as "the national team of digital information infrastructure operation and service, the main force in the construction of digital China's intelligent society, and the vanguard of digital technology integration and innovation". Upgrade the strategy to "strengthen the foundation, uphold innovation, integrate and open", comprehensively develop the main waterway of the digital economy, and take "big connection, big computing, big data, big application, big security" as the main responsibility. Realize the omni-directional transformation and upgrading of the driving force, path and way of development, open up new development space, enhance customer value, better service and integrate into the new development pattern. The company is committed to becoming a trusted creator of intelligent life, connecting the world, creating a better and intelligent life, constantly improving the quality of products and services to meet customer needs, and the future products and services will develop to "wisdom". The use of Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies for intelligent processing of data and information. The company has a modern communication network covering China and the world, mainly engaged in mobile broadband, fixed network broadband, mobile voice, fixed network voice, information and communication technology services, data communication services and other related value-added services. As of December 31, 2021, the ultimate parent company of the Company, China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd. ("Unicom Group"), beneficially owns 52.1% of the shares of the Company through its shares in China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. ("A shares"), China Unicom (BVI) Co., Ltd. And China Unicom Group (BVI) Co., Ltd. Strategic investors, employee restricted equity incentives and other public shareholders of A-share companies beneficially own 27.8% of the shares of the Company through their equity holdings in China Unicom (BVI) Co., Ltd.; the remaining 20.1% of the shares of the Company are beneficially owned by public shareholders.
CEO: Liehong Liu
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 06/22/2000
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