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00702 SINO OIL & GAS
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
戴小兵Executive director,Chief executive,Remuneration committee member,Chairman of the nomination committee,Chairman of the board2.54M05/01/2010Doctor54male11/25/2022
温子勋Financial director,Executive director2.02M03/03/2009Master57male11/25/2022
景哈利Vice chairman,Non-Executive Director--09/24/2012Master59male11/25/2022
黄绍武Non-Executive Director200.00K06/09/2014--51male11/25/2022
蔡燕苓Non-Executive Director--06/26/2020Bachelor32female11/25/2022
曾庆贇Non-Executive Director200.00K08/28/2020Master42male11/25/2022
王延斌Independent non-executive director,Member of the audit committee200.00K09/01/2011Doctor65male11/25/2022
党伟华Nominating committee member,Remuneration committee member,Member of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director200.00K07/25/2013Doctor56male11/25/2022
严筱虹Secretary of the board--12/01/2011Bachelor--female11/25/2022
饶孟余Chief geologist--12/31/2019Doctor--male11/25/2022
Company Overview More
China Oil and Gas Holdings Co., Ltd. (SINO OIL AND GAS HOLDINGS LIMITED) was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in February 2000 under the symbol 0702.HK and has been a member of the MSCI SME Index since 2009. China Oil and Gas Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (the "Group") take the development of oil and gas business on a global scale as the core strategy. Since 2007, the Group has successfully operated a number of oil and gas projects at home and abroad, accumulated some operating experience in the oil and gas industry, and continued to expand the group's management team and experts; and actively introduce operators and investors with profound experience in the energy industry. At this stage, the Group's main business is natural gas and oil exploration and exploitation, mainly unconventional natural gas exploration and development, mainly coalbed methane exploitation, while appropriately extending its business to the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. The main investment areas include the eastern margin of Ordos Basin and Qinshui Basin, which is the most representative coalbed methane production base in China. In the future, the Group aims to develop into a leading private unconventional natural gas producer among Hong Kong listed companies. Currently, the Group's core business is through its wholly-owned subsidiary Orion Energy International Limited ("Orion") in cooperation with Petrochina Natural Gas Group ("Petrochina") to explore, exploit and produce coalbed methane in Sanjiao blocks in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces, China. The two parties have signed a product sharing contract ("PSC") since 2010, and the Group enjoys 70% interest in this project. The Sanjiao CBM Project is one of the key development projects in the 12th five-year Plan for the Development and Utilization of Coal bed methane (Coal Mine Gas) issued by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in 2011. In 2014, the group's coalbed methane business increased to more than 80%, achieved standard results in coalbed methane exploration and development, and coalbed methane sales revenue also increased significantly. The overall development plan ("ODP") of the Sanjiao coalbed methane project submitted to the National Energy Administration of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) was formally approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in November 2015. Accordingly, the National Development and Reform Commission formally agreed to build a Sanjiao coalbed methane foreign cooperation project. The reply represents that the Sanjiao coalbed methane project will be built according to ODP and will soon enter the stage of large-scale development and production with an annual production capacity of 500 million cubic meters. In addition, the Group operates three oilfields in the Ordos Basin, Shaanxi Province, including Jinzhuang Oilfield, Liuluoyu Oilfield and Yanjiawan Oilfield. Among them, Liuluoyu and Yanjiawan oilfields have 1P and 2P crude oil reserves of 3.83 million tons; Jinzhuang oil and gas field covers a total area of 66 square kilometers, with proven oil reserves of 4.16 million tons in September 2011, and huge ultra-tight formation natural gas was discovered in 2011. At present, the Group is discussing the cooperative development of natural gas resources in Jinzhuang oil and gas field with Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd., hoping to further enrich the Group's resource allocation. In the future, the Group will continue to cooperate with state-owned oil and gas companies to integrate and acquire foreign cooperation blocks, and at the same time strengthen the exploration and development of foreign oil and gas fields, and give priority to the development of oil and gas blocks with a high degree of exploration and commercialization. committed to becoming a leading international oil and gas exploration developer.
CEO: Xiaobing Dai
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 02/09/2000
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