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00564 ZMJ
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8.18% 23.77B 3.02% 15.54B 5.41% 8.09B 10.46% 29.29B
Operating income
8.18% 23.79B 3.02% 15.54B 5.42% 8.1B 10.46% 29.29B
Cost of sales
-- -- -5.09% -12.22B -- -- -14.03% -23.06B
Operating expenses
-10.06% -18.79B -5.09% -12.22B -7.14% -6.36B -14.03% -23.06B
Gross profit
1.64% 5B -3.92% 3.32B -0.45% 1.73B -0.99% 6.24B
Selling expenses
-0.89% -642.95M 3.07% -424.87M -3.44% -221.2M -4.76% -828.13M
Administrative expenses
30.94% -763.67M 21.81% -486.94M 11.76% -280.27M 0.43% -1.28B
Research and development expenses
-14.36% -1.19B -15.04% -786.64M -25.64% -408.75M -17.44% -1.44B
Revaluation surplus
-58.34% -35.74M -- -- 186.82% 20.66M -- --
-Changes in the fair value of other assets
-58.34% -35.74M -- -- 186.82% 20.66M -- --
Impairment and provision
-761.62% -279.43M -435.23% -98.98M 20.22% -44.12M -4,776.99% -16.53M
-Other impairment is provision
-761.62% -279.43M -435.23% -98.98M 20.22% -44.12M -4,776.99% -16.53M
Operating interest expense
51.88% -83.75M -- -- 44.05% -36.15M -- --
Special items of operating profit
41.13% 381.6M 257.18% 381.87M 14.10% 102.02M 121.98% 170.83M
Operating profit
9.60% 2.39B 5.86% 1.9B 4.27% 866.79M 28.11% 2.84B
Financing cost
-- -- 8.26% -137.98M -- -- 12.15% -263.69M
Share of profits of associates
-- -- -14.95% 16.95M -- -- 228.28% 39.42M
Share of profit from joint venture company
-- -- -91.28% 259K -- -- -41.36% 5.64M
Special items of earning before tax
259.79% 13.87M -- -- 102.60% 5.47M -- --
Earning before tax
10.68% 2.4B 6.71% 1.78B 4.59% 872.26M 35.23% 2.62B
21.50% -373.54M 31.36% -263.64M 29.62% -161.43M 1.37% -553.45M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
19.73% 2.03B 18.08% 1.52B 17.56% 710.83M 50.12% 2.07B
Earning after tax
19.73% 2.03B 18.08% 1.52B 17.56% 710.83M 50.12% 2.07B
Minority profit
-44.53% 63.56M -35.28% 54.54M -39.83% 29.09M -12.57% 122.08M
Profit attributable to shareholders
24.40% 1.96B 21.82% 1.46B 22.55% 681.75M 57.19% 1.95B
Basic earnings per share
24.31% 1.125 21.74% 0.84 21.50% 0.39 57.19% 1.1242
Diluted earnings per share
21.74% 0.84 56.61% 1.119
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
CAS (2007)IASCAS (2007)IAS
Audit Opinions
------Unqualified Opinion

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Zheng Coal Machinery was founded in 1958 and was assigned to Henan Province by the Ministry of Coal Industry in 1998. At present, the company has developed into an important global supplier of fully mechanized coal mining technology and equipment, and a multinational auto parts enterprise group with international influence. Zheng Meiji is a listed company with A + H shares and a mixed and diversified state-owned enterprise. at present, it has three business sectors: coal mining machinery, auto parts and investment, 28 branches and more than 17000 employees in 18 countries and regions around the world. In 2014, the company was listed as a "double pilot" unit for the development of mixed ownership economic reform and professional manager system reform in Henan Province. In 2018, it was selected as a "double hundred Action" enterprise of the State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. From 2019 to 2020, it was selected as one of the top 100 enterprises in China's machinery industry and Fortune China's top 500 enterprises. Coal mining machinery business plate The main economic indicators of the company's coal mining machinery plate have been the leader in the industry for more than ten years, and the domestic market share has been maintained at more than 30%. Coal mine fully mechanized mining machinery products throughout the country's major coal industry groups, has been exported to Russia, the United States, Australia, Turkey, India, Vietnam and other countries. Zheng Coal Machinery has national enterprise technology centers, postdoctoral research workstations, academician workstations and other scientific research institutions, has undertaken the research and development of a number of national coal mine fully mechanized mining equipment key projects, leading the development direction of China's coal mine fully mechanized mining equipment. Auto parts industry plate The company's auto parts industry sector was established through mergers and acquisitions in 2016, including the auto parts plate and the auto motor plate. Up to now, the company's auto parts industry plate has two major brands, Germany SEG Group and Asinco Group. SEG has a complete product portfolio, including passenger and commercial vehicle starters, generators, start-stop motors and light hybrid energy recovery systems (BRM). There are 9 production bases and R & D centers around the world, and sales offices in 12 countries. Investment business Sesame Street Industrial Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned enterprise of the company, is the first attempt to invest in the business plate, replanning 658 mu of industrial land in the western factory area, focusing on the development of industrial operation real estate of urban renewal, creating a space carrier and operation mode of liberal arts mass entrepreneurship and innovation and cross-border integration, preserving urban memory, forming diverse communities, and balancing environment and development. At the same time, attract and introduce a large number of high-quality industrial talents in provinces, cities and the whole country, constantly train industrial talents to form a new force, and inject a steady stream of industrial vitality into the region.
CEO: Chengyao Jiao
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 12/05/2012
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