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NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
任维明Authorized representative,Executive director,Chairman of the Group1.75M08/18/2006--63male04/21/2022
沈跃明Nominating committee member,Executive director795.00K08/18/2006--61male04/21/2022
张鸿文Remuneration committee member,Executive director795.00K08/18/2006--56male04/21/2022
沈鸿Executive director480.00K03/22/2016Bachelor56female04/21/2022
颜金炜Non-Executive Director104.00K08/18/2006--73male04/21/2022
刘英杰Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the audit committee,Nominating committee member125.00K08/18/2006Master48male04/21/2022
罗广信Independent non-executive director,Chairman of the nomination committee,Remuneration committee member,Member of the audit committee104.00K05/17/2010Bachelor48male04/21/2022
严建苗Chairman of the remuneration committee,Independent non-executive director,Member of the audit committee104.00K05/30/2016Doctor57male04/21/2022
陈仁君Financial director,Company secretary,Authorized representative--01/15/2014Master53male04/21/2022
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Jinda Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong investment holding company mainly engaged in flax yarn business. The company's main business includes the production and sales of flax yarn. Its products include wet-spun flax yarn, organic flax yarn, color-spun flax yarn and knitted flax yarn. Its brands include "Crape Myrtle" and "KINGDOM". The company exports its products to Italy, India, South Korea, Turkey, Portugal and Japan.
CEO: Weiming Ren
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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