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NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
仝小飞Chairman of the strategy committee,Remuneration committee member,Executive Deputy General Manager (in charge of the work),Nominating committee member,Executive director,Chairman,General Manager (legal Representative)719.75K12/31/2019Bachelor44male04/22/2022
蒋磊Member of the strategy committee,Executive director--11/18/2021Master40male04/22/2022
倪华东Company secretary,Deputy GM,Non-Executive Director,Member of the strategy committee568.18K05/28/2019Bachelor46male04/22/2022
黄卫宏Financial director,Non-Executive Director,Secretary of the board,Nominating committee member630.19K12/31/2019Master39male04/22/2022
李勇Member of the Remuneration and Assessment Committee,Member of the strategy committee,Chairman of the nomination committee,Members of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director3.22K11/18/2021Doctor58male04/23/2022
郝梅平Member of the strategy committee,Chairman, Remuneration and Assessment Committee,Members of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director,Nominating committee member3.22K11/18/2021Bachelor59female04/22/2022
陈晓宁Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Shareholder supervisor--06/10/2020Master46male04/22/2022
姜阿合Independent supervisor2.58K11/18/2021College65male04/22/2022
黄震Independent supervisor2.58K11/18/2021Doctor51male04/22/2022
赵乐飞Employee supervisor517.24K11/03/2014Bachelor53male04/22/2022
张莉Staff representatives and supervisors20.70K11/18/2021Bachelor39female04/22/2022
马志斌Deputy GM546.93K07/29/2014College57male04/22/2022
吴文超Deputy GM507.87K02/01/2018Bachelor56male04/22/2022
苏坤Chairman of the audit committee,Independent non-executive director,Nominating committee member--04/28/2022Doctor38male04/22/2022
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Rainbow Group New Energy Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong investment holding company mainly engaged in optoelectronic products. The company operates through four major divisions. The production and sales division of luminous materials is engaged in the production and sales of luminous materials. The production and sales branch of liquid crystal products is engaged in the production and trade of LCD TV and LCD glass substrate. Solar photovoltaic glass production and sales division is engaged in the production and sales of solar photovoltaic glass. Other branches are engaged in other trades.
CEO: Xiaofei Tong
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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