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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
00388 HKEX
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Cash flow from operating activities
Earning before tax
-28.59% 5.65B 11.32% 14.84B 29.52% 7.91B 21.74% 13.33B
Profit adjustment
Interest (income) - adjustment
-33.64% -584M 56.80% -766M 56.90% -437M 8.84% -1.77B
Attributable subsidiary (profit) loss
-10.53% -42M -15.94% -80M 2.56% -38M -115.63% -69M
Impairment and provisions:
-- 0 -41.67% 7M -- 0 33.33% 12M
-Impairment of trade receivables (reversal)
-- -- -41.67% 7M -- -- 33.33% 12M
Revaluation surplus:
260.92% 523M 0.41% -485M -335.51% -325M 38.28% -487M
-Other fair value changes
260.92% 523M 0.41% -485M -335.51% -325M 38.28% -487M
Asset sale loss (gain):
-- 0 -- 0 -- 0 -- 0
Depreciation and amortization:
8.31% 717M 13.12% 1.35B 21.47% 662M 14.66% 1.2B
8.31% 717M 13.12% 1.35B 21.47% 662M 14.66% 1.2B
Financial expense
-5.19% 73M -14.92% 154M -19.79% 77M 2.26% 181M
Special items
1.65% 369M -4.10% 281M 830.77% 363M 19.11% 293M
Operating profit before the change of operating capital
-18.35% 6.7B 20.65% 15.31B 39.85% 8.21B 31.31% 12.69B
Change of operating capital
Accounts receivable (increase)decrease
-- -- 203.27% 15.39B -- -- -171.97% -14.9B
Cash  from business operations
-15.59% 6.78B 16.23% 13.9B 58.23% 8.03B 7.30% 11.96B
Other taxs
24.41% -449M 7.33% -2.15B 66.55% -594M -438.28% -2.32B
Interest received - operating
67.81% 735M -62.49% 775M -66.59% 438M -33.27% 2.07B
Interest paid - operating
-854.55% -210M 86.53% -47M 93.31% -22M 72.04% -349M
Special items of business
106.21% 90M -196.28% -16.93B -166.24% -1.45B 294.06% 17.59B
Net cash from operations
4.38% 6.87B -16.45% 12.34B -9.42% 6.58B 46.78% 14.77B
Cash flow from investment activities
Interest received - investment
180.95% 59M -- -- -- 21M -- --
Dividend received - investment
-- 24M -- -- -- -- -- --
Decrease in deposits (increase)
-186.51% -1.1B 156.00% 3.28B -- 1.27B -145.39% -5.85B
Purchase of fixed assets
14.44% -616M 20.80% -1.07B -13.03% -720M -23.83% -1.35B
Recovery of cash from investments
282.28% 302M -- -- -- 79M -- --
Cash on investment
-46.75% -813M -11.72% -429M -81.64% -554M 39.43% -384M
Other items in the investment business
-- -- 384.47% 499M -- -- -83.49% 103M
Net cash from investment operations
-2,377.66% -2.14B 130.42% 2.28B 102.22% 94M -114.69% -7.48B
Net cash before financing
-29.17% 4.73B 100.58% 14.62B 120.26% 6.67B 10.80% 7.29B
Cash flow from financing activities
Interest paid - financing
12.20% -36M 11.24% -79M 10.87% -41M 0.00% -89M
Dividends paid - financing
5.46% -5.31B -65.07% -11.53B -142.87% -5.62B -20.71% -6.98B
Other items of the financing business
56.13% -229M -164.43% -1.06B -174.74% -522M 68.59% -402M
Net cash from financing operations
9.78% -5.58B -69.51% -12.67B -142.47% -6.18B -4.47% -7.47B
Effect of rate
-340.00% -12M -65.38% 9M -- 5M -- 26M
Net Cash
-273.32% -851M 1,141.18% 1.95B 2.29% 491M 67.59% -187M
Begining period cash
18.73% 12.4B -1.52% 10.44B -1.52% 10.44B -5.16% 10.6B
Cash at the end
5.46% 11.54B 18.73% 12.4B -1.31% 10.94B -1.52% 10.44B
Cash balance analysis
Cash and cash equivalent balance
-- 0 -- 0 -- 0 -- 0
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing is the holding company of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the Hong Kong Futures Exchange Limited and the Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing's market institutions have successfully led the development of Hong Kong's financial services industry from a local-dominated market into a central market attracting investment funds from all over the world in Asia. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing was listed in June 2000 after the completion of the closure of the securities and futures markets in Hong Kong. As a market-leading organization accountable to shareholders, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing is committed to capitalizing on business opportunities in Asia and around the world. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing's business operation is carried out by a number of dedicated departments, under the direct leadership and supervision of the management and the board of directors. The board of directors is the highest decision-making body, which is responsible for formulating Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing's goals, mission, strategy, policy and business planning, and supervising the implementation of management. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing is the operator and frontline regulator of the central securities and derivatives market in Hong Kong. His responsibilities include supervising listed issuers, enforcing listing, trading and clearing rules, and providing services mainly at the institutional level to the clients of the exchanges and clearing houses. The clients of the exchanges and clearing houses include issuers and intermediaries who directly serve investors, such as investment banks or sponsors, securities and derivatives brokers, custodian banks and information providers. The services provided by the exchanges and clearing houses include trading, clearing and settlement, depository and agent services and information services. Market Supervisor Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing is committed to fulfilling his public responsibility to ensure that the market operates in a fair and orderly manner and to manage risks prudently, which is in the public interest, especially that of the investing public. Mr Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing is also committed to working closely with the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), the principal regulator of the securities and derivatives market in Hong Kong and an independent statutory body responsible for enforcing market laws to promote and promote market development. Foresight and Prospect Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing is a commercial organization with public responsibility. If it is to be responsible for operating the central market at the same time, the overall interests of the market must be carefully considered. In addition, its work should also help to strengthen Hong Kong's status as an international financial centre and tie in with the future development of the country. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing's mission statement from 2010 to 2012: to create and operate an active international public financial market in Hong Kong.
CEO: Meilun Shi
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 06/27/2000
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