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0.73% 3.9B 11.83% 7.51B 19.98% 3.87B -15.68% 6.71B
Operating income
0.73% 3.9B 11.83% 7.51B 19.98% 3.87B -15.68% 6.71B
Cost of sales
-1.79% -3.55B -9.81% -6.96B -13.09% -3.49B 12.35% -6.34B
Operating expenses
-1.79% -3.55B -9.81% -6.96B -13.09% -3.49B 12.35% -6.34B
Gross profit
-9.07% 344.46M 45.99% 547.72M 173.71% 378.81M -48.65% 375.19M
Administrative expenses
4.53% -226.9M 0.82% -458.84M -4.41% -237.65M 3.90% -462.62M
Special items of operating profit
1,040.88% 38.88M -92.46% 42.3M -101.31% -4.13M 1,483.85% 561.01M
Operating profit
14.17% 156.44M -72.30% 131.17M -39.30% 137.03M 126.92% 473.58M
Financing income
124.86% 9.16M -5.74% 7.66M -- 4.07M -- 8.13M
Financing cost
8.64% -40.92M 3.42% -88.04M -4.76% -44.79M 3.47% -91.16M
Earning before tax
29.46% 124.69M -87.00% 50.79M -47.37% 96.31M 241.81% 390.55M
-11.09% -15.92M 6.86% -27.94M 29.01% -14.33M 24.77% -30M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
32.67% 108.77M -93.66% 22.85M -49.65% 81.98M 384.70% 360.55M
Earning after tax
32.67% 108.77M -93.66% 22.85M -49.65% 81.98M 384.70% 360.55M
Minority profit
-96.76% 25K 15.21% 1.64M 45.11% 772K 88.83% 1.42M
Profit attributable to shareholders
33.90% 108.74M -94.09% 21.21M -49.96% 81.21M 387.72% 359.13M
0.00% 58.57M -26.32% 164M 0.00% 58.57M 100.00% 222.57M
Basic earnings per share
34.29% 0.188 -93.55% 0.04 -50.00% 0.14 376.92% 0.62
Diluted earnings per share
33.57% 0.187 -93.55% 0.04 -49.82% 0.14 376.92% 0.62
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Lead the sustainable development of the market Hong Lok Group (Stock Code: 0341) is one of the largest listed catering groups in Asia. It is committed to operating chain fast food and specialty catering businesses. In recent years, it has actively made all-round development and successfully developed its corporate catering and food processing business. The group was incorporated in October 1968 and was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in July 1986, becoming the first local catering listed group at that time In October 2001, the Group officially became one of the top 200 constituent stocks in the Hang Seng Composite Index series. After nearly half a century of unremitting efforts, we are now firmly in the market leading position of Hong Kong's fast food industry. The Group has a business footprint in Hong Kong and the mainland, with more than 330 business units and 120 branches respectively. Since the establishment of the company, Guele Group has undergone many transformations and continued to expand its business, with steady growth in turnover, number of employees and net asset value. it has grown from a small business born and raised in the past to a multinational group today. We firmly believe that with the concerted efforts of an excellent team of 17000 people, the Group expects to continue to grow steadily in the future. Hong Kong industry leader Fast food and beverage Everyone is well-known in Hong Kong and has always maintained a leading position in the fast food industry, serving about 300000 customers a day. We are committed to providing the public with high-quality and high-value food, and continue to develop and innovate cuisines. At present, more than 100 kinds of food are supplied in turn, in order to bring customers a variety of taste buds to enjoy. Apart from working hard to operate its flagship brand, the Group is also actively developing other strategic brands to maintain its growth in the highly competitive fast food market in Hong Kong. Other strategic brands of the Group include porridge noodles and rice noodles to further develop this huge market. Leisure food With an insight into the huge potential of the leisurely western food market in Hong Kong, Guile Group has developed a number of healthy western food brands, including the purchase of Oliver's Super Sandwiches in 2003, focusing on a variety of Western-style snacks, salads and fresh food. Since 2007, we have established a joint venture to operate espressamente illy, an Italian coffee shop with an exclusive franchise model, focusing on the high-end coffee market. Specialty restaurant Over the years, the Group has been expanding new opportunities, breaking through the framework of fast food business, expanding the operation of full-service specialty restaurants, establishing Spaghetti House as early as 1991, and opening 360series and PizzaStage in recent years, successfully attracting diners with a wide range of specialty cuisine and maintaining its competitive edge. Institutional diet In the early 1990s, the Group established Pan-Asian Diet, which opened the prelude to the institutional catering business. Since its inception, the brand has been dominant in the market and opened up a wide range of customers, including local major hospitals, universities, private and public institutions. In September 1999, the Group launched a new brand of dynamic lunch, which successfully entered the school meal market. After years of development, dynamic lunch has become one of the largest school lunch suppliers in Hong Kong. Dynamic lunch attaches great importance to food safety, good eating habits and food sustainability, and strives to provide healthy and beneficial lunches for students. Professional purchasing teams collect high-quality ingredients all over the world, and dietitians compile delicious, attractive and nutritious menus. All lunches are preserved with advanced quick-cooling technology to ensure food safety. Dynamic lunch is the first school lunch supplier in Hong Kong to implement a number of environmental protection measures, taking practical measures to promote food conservation and recycling. All Lok Group actively implements its corporate social responsibility and strictly complies with safety standards. The school meal business has been awarded the certification of "HACCP", "ISO 9001", "ISO 14001" and the most stringent "ISO 22000" food safety management system. Dynamic lunch is also the first school meal organization in Hong Kong to obtain the relevant certification. Central food production system Since the 1980s, the Group has adopted a central production system because we firmly believe that a sound central food production process is essential to the success of the catering business. The Central Food production Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to achieve comprehensive monitoring even with the increasing number and variety of food and ingredients to ensure that food quality is maintained at a consistent high level. Most of the food in the group's restaurants is distributed and manufactured in the central food production center. When all products, materials and packaging arrive at the center, they must undergo rigorous hygiene and safety inspection before they can be further processed or distributed to restaurants. The Food production Centre has been operating at the same site for many years and its service is reliable. To provide more effective support, the Food production Centre has been relocated to Tai Po. The new centre, with an area of 140,000 square feet, has been in operation since April 2013 and can serve more than 300 branches. It will certainly further strengthen food quality control and enhance overall productivity in the future. Expand business in the mainland Fast food and beverage After years of hard work, our business occupies an important position in the first-tier cities in the Pearl River Delta of China. Based on its successful business development platform and brand benefits, the Group opened a large-scale central food production center in Guangzhou in 2011 to provide logistical support to more than 300 stores in the mainland. The center is equipped with multi-purpose training equipment to effectively provide staff training and further enhance the competitiveness of the group. Specialty restaurant The characteristic catering market in the mainland is booming, and the Group seizes the opportunity to focus on development. Taking advantage of the brand advantage of Hong Kong Spaghetti House, the Group has successfully opened branches in a number of first-tier cities in the Pearl River Delta. Institutional diet Our mainland team is also committed to expanding the corporate catering business and striving to explore business opportunities in the Science Park, new commercial buildings and educational institutions, among which there are many successful examples. For example, Pan-China Restaurant Management now hosts a student and staff canteen with an area of 2740 square meters, making its mark in the market. Food manufacturing and distribution The Group's acquisition of Nordic International Foods in 1997 is an important milestone in enhancing the food manufacturing and distribution business in Greater China. Nordic International Foods is a major supplier of processed meat in Hong Kong. It has set up a 40,000-square-meter food production center in Dongguan, which is responsible for producing ham, sausage and bacon for distribution to Hong Kong and mainland merchants.
CEO: Kaiguang Luo
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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