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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
00302 CMGE Technology Group Limited
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-43.45% 1.23B 3.57% 3.96B 27.19% 2.18B 25.82% 3.82B
Operating income
-43.45% 1.23B 3.57% 3.96B 27.19% 2.18B 25.82% 3.82B
Cost of sales
45.41% -731.8M 4.39% -2.48B -13.35% -1.34B -32.97% -2.6B
Operating expenses
45.41% -731.8M 4.39% -2.48B -13.35% -1.34B -32.97% -2.6B
Gross profit
-40.34% 500.96M 20.46% 1.47B 57.99% 839.63M 12.93% 1.22B
Selling expenses
49.11% -114.64M -45.72% -497.63M -119.32% -225.26M -48.27% -341.5M
Administrative expenses
-69.96% -312.52M -10.45% -445.75M -10.40% -183.88M 30.11% -403.59M
Impairment and provision
51.07% -9.17M -3.47% -54.1M -12.33% -18.74M -275.40% -52.29M
-Other impairment is provision
51.07% -9.17M -3.47% -54.1M -12.33% -18.74M -275.40% -52.29M
Operating interest expense
-44.97% -16.34M 31.04% -24.29M 45.42% -11.27M -- -35.23M
Special items of operating profit
-349.29% -60.94M -39.19% 205.99M -65.68% 24.45M 281.52% 338.72M
Operating profit
-102.97% -12.64M -9.83% 657.71M 43.52% 424.93M 108.23% 729.38M
Share of profits of associates
-189.47% -6.68M 80.39% -2.47M -141.71% -2.31M -219.55% -12.59M
Share of profit from joint venture company
-1,700.00% -54K -27,640.00% -4.13M 98.03% -3K 100.71% 15K
Earning before tax
-104.58% -19.37M -9.17% 651.11M 40.19% 422.62M 108.60% 716.8M
86.39% -6.04M -114.88% -57.16M -74.68% -44.37M 73.51% -26.6M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
-106.72% -25.41M -13.95% 593.94M 37.02% 378.25M 183.78% 690.2M
Earning after tax
-106.72% -25.41M -13.95% 593.94M 37.02% 378.25M 183.78% 690.2M
Minority profit
77.05% -3.51M -60.33% -17.83M -30.78% -15.28M -116.53% -11.12M
Profit attributable to shareholders
-105.57% -21.9M -12.77% 611.77M 36.76% 393.53M 182.39% 701.32M
Basic earnings per share
-105.19% -0.0079 -23.63% 0.2285 23.32% 0.1523 127.53% 0.2992
Diluted earnings per share
-105.19% -0.0079 -23.66% 0.2284 23.32% 0.1523 127.53% 0.2992
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion
--Ernst & Young accounting firm--Ernst & Young accounting firm

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Global IP game operators Middle-hand Game is a leading global IP game operator. According to the Analysys think Tank report, among all the independent mobile game publishers in China, from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2018, middle-hand games ranked first in cumulative revenue generated by issuing IP games, and the company ranked first in the total number of IP games issued. As of December 31, 2018, middle-hand games have the largest IP reserves. The company landed on NASDAQ on September 25, 2012, and is the first mobile game company to log on to the US securities market in China. The company officially launched privatization in May 2015 and completed delisting in August of the same year. Zhongshou acquired a 51% stake in Beijing soft Star in May 2018, and teamed up with Taiwan's Daewoo to carry out independent research and joint research and joint research and development on well-known IP such as "Chinese Paladin", "Xuanyuan Jian", "Monopoly", "Star Volunteer" and "Angel Empire", as well as multi-dimensional pan-entertainment cooperation. Apple's top 50 global distributors (Apple Inc.) Tencent Best partner Award (Tencent Global partner Conference) Top Ten Games in China Award-Top Ten Games in China in 2018 Publishing operator (China Association of Audiovisual and Digital Publishing) Well-known games include "New Chinese Paladin", "Voyage King's Road to the strong", "Naruto-Master Ninja", "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre", "the Dragon of Shacheng", "Myth Eternity", "Thunder hegemony of the legendary World", "choose Heaven" and "Candle Man" and so on. Among them, the total flow accounts of "Choice of Heaven", "Thunder hegemony of the legendary World" and "the Road of the Voyage King" all exceeded RMB 62 million in the first month of launch; the highest monthly flow accounts of "Choice of Heaven" and "Thunder hegemony of the legendary World" exceeded RMB 170 million and RMB 200 million respectively. Enterprise strategy With IP as the core, middle-hand games continue to provide global players with high-quality IP games through independent research and development and agency distribution, and carry out active investment layout around IP and CP to build an ecosystem around IP games. At the same time, Mid-hand Games is deeply engaged in IP brand operation from a global perspective, focusing on its own IP to expand its pan-entertainment formats, including film and television, animation, derivatives and offline entertainment, to create a world-class cultural brand. Enterprise vision Middle-hand Game strives to become a game brand loved by players all over the world!
CEO: Jian Xiao
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
Listing Date: 10/31/2019
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