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002478 Jiangsu Changbao Steeltube
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
韩巧林Director,Secretary of the board,GM750.00K03/30/2016Master51male11/23/2020
罗实劲Independent director80.00K09/04/2017Bachelor56male09/15/2020
高允斌Independent director80.00K09/04/2017Master55male09/15/2020
刘杰Independent director80.00K04/20/2016Doctor59male09/15/2020
刘志峰Securities Affairs Representative--06/12/2015Master38male09/15/2020
丁伟Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor530.00K09/04/2017College53male09/15/2020
陈松林Deputy GM--03/17/2022Bachelor39male03/18/2022
戴正春Deputy GM--09/04/2017Secondary school51male09/15/2020
周旭亮Person in charge of finance530.00K09/14/2020Master43female09/15/2020
朱海荣Head of internal audit,Employee supervisor230.00K08/16/2017Master41male09/15/2020
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The company is a joint stock limited company established by Jiangsu Changbao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. on February 2, 2008. With the approval of the China Securities Regulatory Commission on the approval of the initial Public offering of Jiangsu Changbao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. (Securities Regulatory license [2010] No. 1138), the company publicly issued 69.5 million RMB common shares (A shares with a par value of 1 yuan per share) to the public and was listed for trading on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on September 21, 2010. The company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of special pipes such as oil and gas pipes, power station boiler pipes, construction machinery and petrochemical pipes. The company's main products are oil and gas production tubes, power station boiler tubes, construction machinery and petrochemical tubes and other special pipes for market segments. Company honors: 2010 industrial four-star enterprises; 2011 industrial five-star enterprises; 2012 industrial five-star enterprises; provincial water-saving enterprises and so on.
CEO: --
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Listing Date: 09/21/2010
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