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002401 COSCO SHIPPING Technology
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
李佳铭Independent director60.00K06/28/2021Master50male06/29/2021
张志云Independent director20.00K05/17/2022Master47male05/17/2022
杨珉Independent director120.00K12/29/2017Doctor43male06/29/2021
戴静Secretary of the board,Chief accountant--01/30/2018Master50female06/29/2021
马驰Securities Affairs Representative--01/30/2018Master31male06/29/2021
叶红军Chairman of the Supervisory Board,Supervisor--12/29/2017Master59male06/29/2021
林亦雯Deputy GM--01/20/2020Bachelor46female06/29/2021
吴中岱Deputy GM,Chief engineer--01/30/2018Doctor46male06/29/2021
金健明Head of audit department--01/30/2018Bachelor57male06/29/2021
陈建飞Employee supervisor652.00K07/11/2019Master60male06/29/2021
程丽Employee supervisor493.60K07/23/2015Master49female06/29/2021
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The company, formerly known as China Shipping Network Technology Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shanghai Communications Technology Development Co., Ltd., was approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission National Economic and Trade Enterprise Reform (2000) 1251. Established by Shanghai Shipping Science Research Institute, Shanghai Venture Capital Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yunfeng Transportation Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongxin Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhongmin New Technology Co., Ltd. Registered address: 600 Minsheng Road, Free Trade pilot Zone, China (Shanghai). The company is mainly engaged in intelligent transportation, intelligent shipping, intelligent logistics, intelligent security and other areas of business, in the above areas with planning consulting, system integration, application software development, product development, data storage management, system operation and maintenance services and other comprehensive service capabilities. The company provides end-to-end digital and intelligent solutions for industry customers. Enterprise Honor: highway Traffic Engineering (Highway Mechanical and Electrical Engineering) Professional Contracting Class I; Construction Mechanical and Electrical installation Engineering Professional Contracting Class II; Security Engineering Enterprise Design and Construction maintenance capability first Class Certificate; Shanghai Public Safety Prevention Engineering Design and Construction Unit approval Class II Certificate; Information system Integration and Service qualification Class I Certificate; ITSS Class II Certificate; CMMI3 Certificate.
CEO: --
Market: --
Listing Date: 05/06/2010
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