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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
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14.92% 6.51B 32.48% 11.85B 38.90% 5.66B 0.53% 8.95B
Operating income
14.92% 6.51B 32.48% 11.85B 38.90% 5.66B 0.53% 8.95B
Cost of sales
-12.73% -3.4B -24.84% -6.49B -25.51% -3.02B -0.37% -5.2B
Operating expenses
-12.73% -3.4B -24.84% -6.49B -25.51% -3.02B -0.37% -5.2B
Gross profit
17.42% 3.11B 43.08% 5.36B 58.12% 2.65B 0.75% 3.74B
Administrative expenses
-4.71% -712M -13.13% -1.55B -7.94% -680M 3.52% -1.37B
Operating interest expense
-20.19% -1.02B 0.38% -1.82B 8.92% -847M 8.72% -1.82B
Special items of operating profit
-147.79% -227M -35.77% 1.38B -33.84% 475M -69.98% 2.15B
Operating profit
-27.84% 1.15B 24.84% 3.37B 91.71% 1.6B -63.80% 2.7B
Share of profits of associates
17.52% 4.87B 72.53% 7.1B 192.52% 4.15B 9.38% 4.12B
Share of profit from joint venture company
170.49% 165M -55.59% 151M -66.48% 61M -35.97% 340M
Earning before tax
6.65% 6.19B 48.45% 10.63B 138.63% 5.8B -39.11% 7.16B
-18.79% -626M -15.23% -1.24B -22.56% -527M 57.23% -1.08B
After-tax profit from continuing operations
5.44% 5.56B 54.33% 9.39B 163.57% 5.27B -34.17% 6.08B
Earning after tax
5.44% 5.56B 54.33% 9.39B 163.57% 5.27B -34.17% 6.08B
Minority profit
38.44% 623M 33.44% 1.24B -1.10% 450M 6.16% 930M
Special items of profit attributable to shareholders
0.00% -113M -- -- -- -113M -- --
Profit attributable to shareholders
2.42% 4.83B 58.11% 8.14B 204.72% 4.71B -38.40% 5.15B
5.22% 866M 41.06% 3.55B 26.81% 823M -8.58% 2.52B
Basic earnings per share
-0.92% 1.2748 50.34% 2.1987 187.02% 1.2867 -40.99% 1.4625
Diluted earnings per share
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion
--Deloitte Guan Huang Chen Fang Accountants--Deloitte Guan Huang Chen Fang Accountants

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
China Merchants Port Holdings Limited ("China Merchants Port") is a leading port developer, investor and operator in the world. It has established a relatively complete port network in the major hub ports along the coast of China. And successfully launched in South Asia, Africa, America, Oceania, Europe and the Mediterranean and other regions. The investment strategy of China Merchants Port focuses on investing in regional hub ports, which can attract a large number of foreign investment, booming economic growth and strong import and export trade growth. Adhering to the enterprising, sound and efficient business style, China Merchants Port is committed to providing timely and efficient port and maritime logistics services to customers with an important gateway to China's foreign trade and an expanded global port portfolio. At the same time, China Merchants Port also invests in bonded logistics business to expand the port value chain. By giving full play to the synergistic effect of the existing terminal network, it can create greater value for shareholders. China Merchants Port is famous for its many years of professional management experience, independent research and development of the world's leading terminal operating system and import and export integrated logistics management platform, perfect maritime logistics support system and all-round modern integrated logistics solutions, high-quality engineering management, and excellent and reliable service. The strategic vision of China Merchants Port is to "become a world-class port integrated service provider". Through the implementation of domestic strategy, overseas strategy and innovation strategy, the company will continue to improve to the world-class level in terms of global port container throughput, market share, port comprehensive development, management level, resource utilization efficiency, labor productivity, brand and so on.
CEO: Renjie Deng
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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